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Apple introduced a bunch of new capabilities for web apps with iOS 16.4, including access to push notifications and permission for third-party apps to add web apps to the iPhone and iPad Home Screen. Now popular web browser Google Chrome is taking advantage of these new features, as its latest update lets users add their favourite websites to the iOS Home Screen.

You can now add web apps to your iPhone or iPad using Google Chrome

As noted by Chris Messina, the latest update to Google Chrome for iOS provides an option that lets users add web apps to the Home Screen. This means that anyone can now save a website for quick access on the Home Screen without having to leave Chrome and use Safari. Previously, this option was restricted to Apple’s web browser.

“You can now add URLs or Progressive Web Apps to your home screen,” the release notes for this week’s update said. Of course, this requires the latest version of Google Chrome for iOS and also a device running iOS 16.4 or later – as previous versions of the operating system don’t have this API.

When a web app is added to the iOS Home Screen, you can open and use it as if it were a regular app, which means you won’t be redirected to open it in Safari, Google Chrome, or another web browser. With iOS 16.4 or later, these web apps can also provide you with push notifications, just like native apps.

Apple has been putting a lot of effort into finally embracing web apps. With macOS Sonoma, which is available as beta software and will be officially released later this year, Mac users can also save websites as web apps using Safari. Some believe these changes are an attempt by Apple to dodge accusations of anti-competitive practices when it comes to the App Store.





Google Chrome for iOS is available for free on the App Store, and it works with both iPhone and iPad. If you already have the app installed, make sure you download the latest update to get the latest features.

iCloud Passwords for Chrome are no longer only on Windows

macOS Sonoma’s best-kept secret is really no secret at all, and it’s something Chrome browser users are going to love.

For the longest time, Apple has supported iCloud Keychain for both Safari and Chrome users. The only catch is that Chrome users needed to use Windows. iCloud Keychain was a Safari-only party on the Mac.

That’s about to change with macOS Sonoma. The new version of macOS will be the first to expand iCloud Keychain support beyond Safari.

The existing iCloud Passwords extension for Chrome has been updated to version 2.0.5 on July 12,2023, and it works great on Chrome for macOS 14.





Chrome extensions aren’t just limited to Google’s Chrome browser either. They work on Chromium-based browsers, too, including the Browser Company’s interesting new Arc browser. So does the iCloud Passwords extension.





iCloud Passwords for the Microsoft Edge macOS browser also reached version 2.0.5 today, and iCloud Keychain on macOS Sonoma is fully compatible.





This lets you easily enter usernames, passwords, and authentication codes from iCloud Keychain without copying and pasting from System Settings on the Mac. The iCloud Passwords extension makes these browsers just as compatible as Safari.

macOS Sonoma was announced last month and is currently in developer and public beta. Apple released the first public beta version of macOS 14 July 12,2023.