How can you charge your iPhone without a charging brick

What if you lost your small iPhone charging brick and all you have now is just the lightning cable? You can still recharge your iPhone without the charger.


Buy a portable battery pack. You can buy a portable battery pack for around $20 at almost any department or convenience store. Most battery packs come pre-charged, so you can typically just walk in to a store, buy the pack, and charge in minutes. When purchasing a backup battery pack, make sure the packaging says its iPhone-compatible.


Connect your phone to a computer. If you have a USB charging cable but don’t have a power block (the part that goes into the wall), you can plug your phone into a USB-enabled computer. If you don’t have access to a computer, try one of these locations (always ask permission!):

  • The library.
  • A college computer lab.
  • The Apple Store.
  • An electronics store.

Car Charger

Use a car charger. If you left your charger at home but have access to a car, you can always grab a cheap iPhone car charger at a department store, pharmacy, or truck stop. Just plug it in, connect it to your iPhone, and wait for your phone to charge.

Miscellaneous USB Devices

Check other electronics for USB ports. Now that USB ports are quite common, you’ll often find them on televisions, stereo systems, and sometimes even kitchen appliances. Most of these ports will charge your iPhone.


Various establishments like 7-Elevens and airports will gladly recharge your iPhone whenever you’re traveling. Although not for free, it just cost a few coins for couple of minutes of recharging time.

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