How can I keep my iPhone charger cable from fraying

The notorious iPhone lightning cable is famous for being that shitty white charging cable that always, always fail over time. How do you prevent it?


Duct tape, gaffer tape, Scotch tape, electrical tape, packing tape. Any tape you can find. It’s not gonna be super clean to look at as it ages but at least it’s gonna protect your lightning cable from snapping and fraying. This is super easy to do and tapes are ubiquitous an item for you to even miss it.

Shrinkable Tubes

For those unfamiliar with electrical supplies, shrinkable tubes are black rubber tubing that will shrink when exposed to heat. You slip an inch of it over the cable while it’s still expanded. Once seated to the right spot, take a lighter and pass up some heat over the shrinkable tube surface and let it hug the cable snugly. It’s gonna have a cleaner finish and will last a very long time.


You might need some training with this especially if you’re not into some arts and crafts. You get some embroidery floss, cut the floss so it’s four times longer than your charger cable. Tie the floss to the end of the cable, and braid a bracelet around the cable to make for some pretty reinforcements. It looks really attractive, neat and will cover the entire length of the lightning cable yet maintaining it’s flexibility.


Same as with the embroidery floss technique, the paracord can be a good solution if done right. Get some paracord, cut open and remove the white strand. Then melt the ends with a lighter to stop the cord from fraying. When you’re done with that, weave the cord to the charger cable. This will add some bulk to the width of the cable and it’s advisable to just cover one inch on each ends of the cable. 


It’s specifically pen springs. Just open up a pen to get the spring inside. Gently stretch out the spring, and attach one end of it to the charger cable. Then, roll the spring onto the cable and slide it to the top. Instant protection! It’s not much of a protection but will go well with some shrinkable tubes over it.

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