How do you charge your iPhone when there’s no electricity

Power’s out. Your iPhone is on half battery. How do you recharge it while you wait for the power to be back? Here’s some clever tips.

Kill Apps

Close and kill all unnecessary apps that will eat your battery. It’s gonna be your first course of action since, conserving power is easier than trying to find power you don’t have. Turn off your data connection if you’re not using it. Turn down the display brightness. Turn down the volume of your ringer.

Get Battery Packs

Yes, invest on powerbanks. It’s cheap and some come with enormous amount of power they can store that will last you for days if you use it conservatively. It’s more of a preparation than an emergency action. You don’t realize you need it until you really do. 

Go Solar

The future is solar and it’s gonna be a worthy option for those living in areas with strong rays of sunlight for most of the year. However, solar panels are getting better and better that it can accumulate solar power even on a cloudy day. So if you’re iPhone needs some power on a power outtage, a good set of solar panels is a smart things to have.

Laptop Power

If you have to choose between a laptop or a smartphone, you’d have to prioritize your iPhone. It can connect to the internet and make calls by using the least amount of power and it’s portable. So when power is out, make sure to connect and recharge your iPhone through your laptop.

Get Power from a Car

If you got somewhere to go or you’re on the move, just recharge your iPhone via your car. It’s not a bad option since your car’s voltage can most likely make your iPhone’s battery full by a couple of hours.

Camping Stove

This is kinda fancy. A camping stove that can convert the heat from burning wood and paper to electricity is a good survivalist move. You fuel it by some wood or burning something while cooking your lunch, either indoors or outdoors. It’s really a good idea but a very huge investment.

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