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How do you cool down an iPhone?

No need to worry and stop putting your iPhone in a refrigerator. Here are some pro tips on how to properly cool down your iPhone.

Let’s get into it. How do you cool down an overheating iPhone?

  1. Remove the case. Sounds obvious. Is obvious! But this will help.

  2. Don’t leave it in a car. Temperatures can rise in parked cars quite rapidly. Take the iPhone with you when parked.

  3. Avoid direct sunlight. Unless you’re somewhere extremely hot this may be a bit extreme. But if you’re on holiday somewhere fiercely sunny then keep the iPhone in a bag.

  4. Avoid playing games. Games, and particularly graphically advanced games, tax the processor, which heats up the device.

  5. Stop using Bluetooth, because it provides an additional source of heat. You can do this from the Control Centre: swipe up and tap the Bluetooth icon.

  6. Turn off Location Services. GPS is one item that heats up the iPad the most. Turn it off using Settings > Privacy > Off.

  7. Avoid using Map directions. Using the Maps turn-by-turn directions mode adds a lot of extra heat to the iPhone.

  8. Avoid charging until you get somewhere cooler, or the iPhone’s had a chance to cool down. Charging heats up the device.

  9. Turn on Airplane mode. This turns off GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and Cellular data. It’s on Control Centre: swipe up from the Home or lock screen.

  10. Turn the iPhone off. It’s a bit extreme but if you’re worried about overheating then keeping the iPhone switched off when not in use can help. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and slide to power off the device.

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