How much do you need to play with PlayStation VR?

Let’s break it down for you and answer your first question: how much money do I have to spend before I’m up and playing with a PS VR?


We know you want to play some VR games with the new PlayStation VR. It’s cheaper, it looks cool and it works with little hardware specs. But how much are you really gonna spend for a PS VR without going overboard? We can help you with that.

Cost of buying a PlayStation VR (US$499)

Getting the entire package for a PlayStation VR would cost you around USD$499, depending on the store or the circumstances from where you got your PS VR. With this you get a headset, a PlayStation camera, a motion tracker, a pair of Move controllers, a pack of mini game collection named VR Worlds and a pile of wires needed to make the whole system work.

Want to justify the cost or you want to convince your mum why it’s “cheaper”? Just tell them that if you’ve opted for the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift, you’d be paying US$1,200 for a new PC and headset.


Cost of buying a PlayStation 4 (US$399)

Wait, you still don’t have everything you need just yet. In order to actually use the PlayStation VR, you’d need to have a PlayStation 4. If you don’t have one, get one for yourself for just US$399.

As we all know by now, PlayStation VR is powered by a console, not a PC. However, if you already have a PlayStation 4 laying around in your living room then by all means, consider buying the bundled PlayStation VR package.


Cost of buying PlayStation VR Games (US$60-150)

Some games are free, some just costs some considerable amount of cash. A typical game would cost around 60 to 150 US dollars in the PlayStation Store so it would depend on your game preferences. Some games just have a higher price tag compared to others but some are bundled or comes free to play. However, don’t forget coupons or sales. It might just give you some room to save more.