iPhone Battery Replacements: Which battery do you need

Have you ever suspected that your iPhone battery is slowly degrading and losing power? Well, you can change it yourself. That is, if you know what battery to get.

If you’re a DIY kind of person and loves electronics with the barest concepts to get you by, then you might have once wondered if you could just swap out your old iPhone battery for a new one.

But why on earth would you do an iPhone battery replacement yourself?

  • Well, it can be that you want to save some money by avoiding professional replacement cost.
  • Or just for fun or experimentation. You’re a tinkerer after all.

WAIT! Whatever your reason is, it’s best to know that:

  • Batteries are not created equal. Never try iPhone batteries that are not designed for a certain device. Avoid fake, unproven batteries if you can.
  • Batteries are not equally powerful. Nevery try iPhone batteries if it’s not of the same capacity and voltage.
  • Batteries are dangerous. If in the event of puncture or shock, an iPhone Li-ion battery can explode and cause fire.
lithium ion battery explosion
This is what it looks like if a Lithium-ion batteries like in iPhones explode due to mishandling.

How can you tell which iPhone replacement battery you should get?

  1. Research, research, research. As a modern human constantly connected to the rest of the world, this would be the first option. Go to your browser and search for the best iPhone replacement battery you can buy. Usually, it’s gonna be spoonfed to you by Amazon or eBay as to the exact iPhone model it is compatible with.
    iphone replacement battery in amazon
    iPhone replacement batteries comes pretty cheap and with freebies like hex screws and plastic prying tools for a complete DIY action.


  2. Open up your iPhone first. If you don’t trust the internet, you can pry your iPhone open first and then read what’s written on your iPhone battery. Take some measurements like the wattage and size plus the connector design that attaches to the logic board. This will take some advanced skill but if you’re a rebel who want to do it the hard way, then go ahead, cowboy.
iphone replacement battery
The iPhone battery will explicitly tell you the voltage of your iPhone’s battery and as what you can see, also the connector that will be unique to each iPhone model.

Bonus: Alternatives on replacing your iPhone battery

  1. Let the pros do it. Okay, we are not gonna force you if you don’t want to but when it comes to the point when you need to seek professional help, don’t hesitate. If your DIY plans on replacing your iPhone battery failed miserably, there’s no shame in admitting that you can’t do it after all. You’ve tried to pry your iPhone open, you’ve done your part of research but just let professional technicians do it for you.You’ll spend some money as a consequence but just avoid the hassle of spending more if you happen to crack your iPhone LCD display. Trust us, we’ve been there once. You can even have charging port replacement for your iPhone 5.
    sydney cbd repair centre staff
    Sydney CBD Repair Centre is one of Australia’s prolific iPhone repair centres.
  2. New smartphone? You’ll go through the hassle of looking around for replacement batteries and the operation on doing it. But have you asked yourself if it’s really worth it? If yes, then maybe it’s gonna rejuvenate your old iPhone by giving it a longer battery life. If not, then maybe a new smartphone or iPhone is a more logical investment in the future.
    new iphone
    That new iPhone smell.

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