iPhone Charging Ports: Right time to replace it

Is your iPhone getting problems recharging correctly? No problems with the charger and the cable? Then maybe it’s time for a lightning port replacement.

The iPhone lightning port is a revolutionary port. It can work on either side unlike the micro USB type B found on older Android smartphones. Though the industry has long since moved on to USB-C, the lightning port will always be regarded as the iconic ports for premium Apple devices.

Lightning ports are nothing without it’s flaws.

It’s not as perfect as it can also succumb to wear and tear of daily use.

Most common reasons why the lightning charger port fail:

  • Dust and dirt. Yes, being an open port underneath your iPhone, the lightning port can accumulate lints, dust and pet hairs inside it.

dirty iphone charging port

  • Mishaps. A perfect example is when the charging cable is attached firmly in the port and suddenly you fell asleep squishing your iPhone underneath the pillow. As a result, a snapped iPhone charging cable and a lesser tight port. You can still fix or prevent frayed iPhone cables.


  • Wear and tear. Unfortunately, Apple will claim that a normal lightning charging port can last after a couple of engagements until it totally fails. So if you consumed these number of engagements it will most likely fail.

iphone charging port worn

When are you supposed to have iPhone charging port replacement?

  1. When any of your good lightning cables won’t recharge your iPhone. You’ve connected all sorts of working lightning cables but your iPhone is still not showing that battery icon. If this happens, then it’s clear that your lightning port is damaged and needs replacing.
  2. When your iPhone stops recharging intermittently. You’ve successfully got the battery icon, your iPhone is recharging, you’ve left it in peace. After a few minutes, you’ve noticed that it’s not even 20% up. It’s not consistently giving power to the battery to fully recharge it. This can be a hassle and will definitely be remedied with a new charging port.
  3. When your iPhone heats up than usual during recharging. Yes, it’s not normal for an iPhone to heat up when recharging it. If this is the case for you every single time, then your lightning port module needs an overhaul and a replacement.

iphone won't charge

What do we suggest you do when you need iPhone charging port replacement?

Due to the complexity of this operation, we don’t recommend you do iPhone charging port replacement on your own. Seek professional advice and service as to the status of your device.

We repeat. Get professional advice. Sydney CBD Repair Centre offers the best rates to replace your iPhone charging port.

For all we know, your iPhone charging port may not just be the problem; or it may not be the problem in the first place. 

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