Is replacing the Google Pixel 6a screen really easy?

David is gonna fix a Google Pixel 6A with a cracked display. He’s gonna do it by prying on the sides and taking his time so not to damage the connector on the motherboard.

We’re gonna remove the old display, bend the connector, and then test the replacement display. While it’s booting up, David is removing the fingerprint scanner from the old display and transplanting it to the replacement display.

The Google Pixel 6A replacement screen is secured with heat resistant tape and the plastic for the front camera lens is transplanted. The front of the device is just mostly screen.

If you have a Google Pixel 6A or an iPhone 13 or 11, that you need to have fixed, we perform screen replacement, battery replacement and charging port replacement so that you will not spend a lot of your money to the companies that overcharge you here.