❤ iOS 17 beta 4 lets users create Shortcuts actions to open specific Camera app modes

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Apple’s Shortcuts app has evolved a lot since the company acquired Workflow in 2017. For those unfamiliar, it lets users create a series of automated processes on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even Apple Watch. And with iOS 17, Apple is adding even more functionality to the app, which now supports Camera app actions.

Camera app shortcuts coming to iOS 17

As noted by Matthew Cassineli, the latest iOS 17 beta available to developers and public beta testers adds new Shortcuts actions to open specific camera modes in the Camera app. With the new “Open Camera” action, users can choose between different camera modes and “immediately open any preset using Shortcuts.”

There are up to nine different modes available, which vary depending on the device you have:

  • Photo
  • Selfie
  • Video
  • Portrait
  • Portrait Selfie
  • Cinematic
  • Slo-Mo
  • Time-Lapse
  • Pano

These shortcuts can be very useful for a lot of things, like creating voice commands to use Siri to open the Camera app in a specific mode. You can also add icons to quickly access a specific mode right from your Home Screen.

  • ChatGPT for iOS adds Siri & Shortcuts support, and proper iPad app
  • This shortcut brings deep ChatGPT integration to native iOS features and apps
  • Workflow cofounder and Shortcuts engineering manager departs Apple

More about iOS 17

iOS 17 comes with a bunch of new features for the iPhone. These include enhancements to FaceTime and Messages, a new StandBy mode, interactive Home Screen widgets, NameDrop, and smarter keyboard suggestions. For the iPad, the update brings a brand new customizable Lock Screen, plus support for microphones and USB webcams.

iOS 17 beta is currently available through the Apple Developer and Apple Beta Software programs. The official release to the public is expected this fall.


Apple acquires powerful iOS automation app Workflow, makes it available for free





Apple way back 2017 acquired popular iOS tool Workflow, which allows users to combine the functionalities of various apps together to automate normally complex processes. According to TechCrunch, Apple finalized the deal today but financial details are not yet available.


In a statement, Workflow developer Ari Weinstein said that the team is thrilled to be joining Apple and remarked on how amazing of a journey it has been going from the company’s beginnings to today:

“We are thrilled to be joining Apple,” said Weinstein in a statement. “We’ve worked closely with Apple from the very beginning, from kickstarting our company as students attending WWDC to developing and launching Workflow and seeing its amazing success on the App Store. We can’t wait to take our work to the next level at Apple and contribute to products that touch people across the world.”

Apple has also confirmed the acquisition. The company said in a statement that Workflow’s use of iOS accessibility features is something that really makes the app standout out from other services. In 2015, the app won an Apple Design Award, something Apple attributes to those accessibility features in today’s statement:

“The Workflow app was selected for an Apple Design Award in 2015 because of its outstanding use of iOS accessibility features, in particular an outstanding implementation for VoiceOver with clearly labeled items, thoughtful hints, and drag/drop announcements, making the app usable and quickly accessible to those who are blind or low-vision.”

Workflow is based around the idea of transforming a process that would normally take a handful of interactions with iOS into a single tap. The goal is to “hide” a complex set of commands under a single, instant tap of a button.

What’s somewhat unusual about Apple’s acquisition of Workflow is that the app will remain on the App Store and has transformed into a free offering today. It’s unclear at this point how the Workflow team will be integrated into Apple, but the acquisition is good news for pro users who have called on Apple to make iOS more powerful, as well as good news for those who have called the iOS interface overly complicated.

iOS 17 beta 4: Here’s what new





iOS 17 beta 4 is here, and it includes a handful of small changes and new features for iPhone and iPad users. Head below as we round up everything that’s changed ahead of iOS 17 being released to the general public in September.

The first beta of iOS 17 was released following the WWDC on June 5, and beta two was released two weeks later on June 21. iOS 17 beta 2 included updates to AirDrop, changes to the Settings app, crossfade support in Apple Music, and more. iOS 17 beta 3 was released on July 5 and brought more in-depth credits to the Music and more.

Since the release of iOS 17 beta 3, Apple also released the first iOS 17 public beta. We expect a new iOS 17 public beta build to be released sometime later this week or early next week.

What’s new in iOS 17 beta 4?

  • Ahead of Photo Stream being shut down this week, iOS 17 beta 4 removes the feature entirely.
  • iOS 17 beta 4 includes a new toggle in the Settings app that allows users to disable the ability to initiate AirDrop transfers by bringing two devices close together.





  • In the Messages app, Apple has tweaked the layout and icons for Messages apps in iOS 17 beta 4.
  • As spotted by Hidde Collee on Twitter, iOS 17 beta 4 includes a slightly tweaked design for buttons in the TV app.
  • There’s also a new AirPlay picker animation included in iOS 17 beta 4:




On the Lock Screen, iOS 17 beta 4 has made the thinnest text option slightly thicker. It’s iOS 7