LG’s Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE returns to AT&T

AT&T isn’t just banking on the LG G5 to start its spring with a bang. After months of sorting out glitches, LG is re-launching the Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE on AT&T as of today. The cellular-linked, NumberSync-friendly Android Wear piece is available for $18 per month on a 20-month installment plan ($360 total), or $100 if you buy it alongside a G5 on an AT&T Next plan. That’s before the $10 per month you’ll need to pay to add the smartwatch to your shared data plan, we’d add. If you absolutely need to stay online when your phone is at home, though, this might hit the spot.

As for the G5? That little old thing? Pre-orders are starting today at AT&T, with a launch planned for April 1st. Buying the modular smartphone will set you back $23 per month on a 2-year AT&T Next plan, but the network is offering a Buy One Get One deal that provides a free G5 (or rather, the credit for one) if you add it on a new second line and pay for it on a Next 24 plan. The BOGO promotion is comparable to what you get for the Galaxy S7, but it’s worth considering if you’re looking for an alternative to Samsung.