New Outdoor Rules for Fully Vaccinated- From September 13th, New Rules for Fully Vaccinated People Participating in Outdoor Activities

There will be some relaxation of restrictions for those in NSW who have taken both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine starting Monday, September 13th.

who live outside the LGAs of concern

Up to 5 fully vaccinated people can participate in outdoor activity in a person’s LGA

or within 5 kilometres of their house for those who live outside the LGAs of concern.

Children under the age of 12 will be excluded from the total.


who live in the LGAs of concern

A family with all adults vaccinated will be able to engage in outdoor leisure (including picnics) for up to 2 hours under the existing limits for individuals who live in the LGAs of concern (outside of curfew hours and within 5km of home). This is in addition to the ability to go for a walk outside.

People who live alone can get together with one other adult to engage in outdoor activity under the same regulations that apply to everyone else.


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