Nokia 3 budget Android phone passes Durability Test with flying colors

Zack Nelson hasn’t tested the durability of any Nokia Android phone yet until this week. Because HMD is scheduled to release its first ever flagship phone soon, it may be good to see how the budget-friendly Nokia phone fares against the competition. The Nokia 3 undergoes JerryRigEverything’s Durability Test where the device scratches at level 6 with the Mohs pick. This is normal for any tempered glass screen., specifically a Gorilla Glass display but we have no idea what version.



Scratching the selfie camera part leaves no mark so you know it is protected well. As for the earpiece, it is found below the glass but only as a temporary attachment. It easily loosens so we can assume it will fall out of place over some time.


The Nokia 3 doesn’t have any fingerprint sensor but there are capacitive buttons on the front display. At the back panel is a plastic camera lens that quickly scratches. The back cover is also made of plastic so again, it scratches easily.


The sides of the Nokia 3 are made of metal. They scratch but are still intact. There is a headphone jack on top, SD card slot on the side, plus a micro USB slot at the bottom. (Sorry, there is no USB-C.)


Moving on to the Burn Test, the IPS display burns within ten seconds which is still normal. The black pixels recover quickly so it’s safe.


The Bend Test shows us Nokia once again did good in the construction of the device despite its affordable price. Bending from the back and the display does nothing to the smartphone.


The Nokia 3 definitely passes Zack Nelson’s Durability Test so we can say it’s a great choice if you are looking for a new budget Android phone that can last longer than its many rivals.