OnePlus 3 beats Galaxy S7 in a timed charging race

OnePlus 3 is still holding on to its moniker as the “flagship killer” specifically targeting the giant Samsung Galaxy S7 in a charging race.

charging race for s7 and onplus 3

With the rate that we have to recharge every single day, it is convenient to have a very fast charging phone to use. For busy people with less time to deal with a dying battery, Samsung and OnePlus have solutions for those basic need to fast recharge a smartphone.

Samsung with the Adaptive Fast Charging versus the Dash Charge from OnePlus. Who’s gonna own the faster charging smartphone in this face-off.

OnePlus have released a video doing just this. This may be biased in some way but the OnePlus 3 just have the edge in technology in its charger to win this match hands down. The Dash Charge is so much better than Adaptive Fast Charging. Period.

First test was recharging the phone with the screen off. OnePlus 3 got to the advertised 64% within 30 or more minutes while the Galaxy S7 has just reached 50%. The parameters of this comparison is not revealed if both phones are in airplane mode or are connections stayed on working in the background.

The last test was done with both of the smartphone’s display turned on with maximum brightness. Once again, the budget-friendly OnePlus 3 reached 67%, dashing past the Galaxy S7.

This is not to say that the Adaptive Fast Charging of the S7 is not good. It is. Dash Charge is just way, way faster.