OnePlus Brings its Launcher, Community, Weather and Gallery Apps to the Play Store

OnePlus Brings its Launcher, Community, Weather and Gallery Apps to the Play Store

For a long time, OEMs have relied on pushing out OTA updates to bring new features of some pre-installed applications to their users. This allowed for those applications to continue receiving new features and bug fixes while still maintaining their system application status. However, a lot of them simply do not need to be installed as a system application so we’ve been seeing a trend of these OEM applications being uploaded to the Play Store. Today, OnePlus has announced they are bringing four of their in-house applications to to Google Play so they can push out updates faster to their users.

We won’t see a time in which OEMs will push all of their 1st-party applications to the Play Store, but it certainly makes sense for a lot of them. Using this new OnePlus announcement as an example, there just isn’t a reason for them to limit updates for the Weather or Gallery applications to OTA updates. This results in it taking the company longer to get bug fixes and new features out to their users and that can be a big deal if someone has been putting up with an annoying bug within the application.

The company is calling these Individual Application Updates and it is being made available for owners of the OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T and the OnePlus 5. This new transition includes the OnePlus Launcher, OnePlus Community, Weather and their Gallery applications. So not only should we see these applications updated faster, but the company should also be able to push out more updates than we’re used to.

Some users have already reported seeing multiple OnePlus apps suddenly update through the Play Store, but now we have an official list with the full roster. We’re told that the Launcher will be the first of these that receives the next update from the Play Store. They said this should happen later this week and it comes with the following changes. . .

  • Optimized home screen folder icon, with a preview of the first four icons in the folder.
  • Redesigned style to mark folders that have already been opened.
  • Double finger touch support, allowing you to hold an item while sliding on the home screen.
  • General bug fixes.