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oppo find x2 pro screen replacement

This Oppo Find X2 Pro NEEDS a Screen Replacement | Sydney CBD Repair Centre

hello guys this is glenn from sydney cbd repair center and today we’re gonna fix an oppo an oppo find x2 pro this is a very long name [Music] so let’s check the condition of this oppo before we replace the screen on it so we’re going to plug it in and you can see that there’s a very interesting effect on the lighting on top of the display so we’re going to proceed now with the disassembly and based on the ease of removal of the back plate we assume that this has been repaired before so as you can see also that the cover for the battery is kind of crumpled this is not usually what you see on brand new devices that has not been opened so we’re gonna remove the connectors for the motherboard and which connects it to the charging port below this is the daughter board and of course we’re gonna remove the connector for the display this is the display and we’re gonna clean it up and we’re gonna test the replacement display

this is the replacement display for the oppo find x2 pro we’re gonna push it in but carefully as you can see we already cleaned it before we installed it just to avoid contamination

[Music] so this smartphone has also been off for a very long time and we will expect it to be totally drained so we’re gonna plug it in again and there you have it it detects power but the battery is very very low so this is a very typical if the screen replacement was delayed for many many days the battery can drain out because you don’t know what’s happening inside your phone because you can’t see anything on the screen and there’s a splash screen for the oppo and unfortunately guys we can show you some of the testing because the wallpaper of the client is showing some personal information so we are going to proceed now with the full disassembly so we’re going to remove the defective screen by prying it off slowly and they’ll be worried that we’re using kind of a liquid to agitate the adhesives so if you’re not a pro and you’re trying to attempt this repair this is quite intimidating and very complicated if you do it in action i’ve tried these repairs before and although it looks easy with david doing it it’s really not that easy in fact it’s very risky if you try this and you touch the battery the wrong way or bend it the wrong way then it might explode on you or subtle this subtle damages such as your motherboard gets cracked or shorted out because you poked on something that should not be pulled so we’re gonna replace the screen now by cleaning the old adhesives on the sides

and this one is not alarming at all we’re just going to bend back the main housing it’s an aluminum

so we can bend it back a few millimeters so that the replacement screen can fit on the housing so we’re going to test fit it

and replace the adhesives to connect or to install the display permanently so we’re not going to do this and unless we clean the front camera or some components were properly installed in the front part so in this case we’re just gonna install the adhesives and then the screen on top so if you don’t have these tools and you don’t have the skills to do it just send your oppo find x2 pro or your iphone or your smartwatch with a broken display to sydney cvd repair center so as you will see the complexity that is going through behind the counter when you leave your smartphone for repair this is what happens we’re just fast forwarding it because it’s very really time consuming you don’t want to see the whole process unfolding before your eyes and get bored with it so this is how we do our servicing we have pro tools pro technicians and of course raw skills so we’re gonna reinstall the motherboard a daughter board and the cover on it with uh all the screws sometimes smartphones don’t boot up when you left out one screw and we’re gonna test it [Music]

and as you can see we still have a working smartphone it’s charging

and of course it’s still one percent we haven’t really left it out to recharge for a long time [Music] and we’re gonna put the back plate on and just like the screen we’re to clean off the camera glass and of course new adhesives and this rubber band is just here to just let the glue adhere to the main housing and dry up and it’s ready to go

so if you like this video guys click like and subscribe if you want to have your smartphone repaired by sydney cbd repair center you can call us or visit our shop even if sydney is on lockdown we are still open to serve you and don’t worry we’re tested negative and we’re fully vaccinated thanks for joining cheers [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you


3 Signs You Need a New Screen on Your OPPO Phone

1. The Display Screen is Cracked or Shattered

When cracking a screen, the first thing is to turn the phone off to avoid a short circuit.

The first thing to do is to sweep up any loose shards of glass that may be lying around. If there are any loose shards, it can cut someone and cause serious injury. It is important to remove all small pieces of debris before moving on with the next step of fixing the screen.

While it may seem tempting, do not use your bare hands or fingers when you clean up the broken glass as they can easily become cut and injured by sharp edges. The best way to clean up broken glass is with a magnet and some place like an old metal tray or cookie sheet that has a lip on it.

2. The Touch Function is Not Working

The touch function is not working when the phone is in the pocket.

This section topic is about how often people use touchscreen devices and how it can be frustrating if the touch function is not working. The introduction for this section topic should address that frustration and possible causes of that frustration.

Many users have found themselves frustrated with their touchscreen device because they cannot utilize the touch function when it is in their pocket. Touchscreens are becoming more popular as they are transitioning to a necessary tool in everyday life, yet there are some flaws to fix with these devices. For instance, if you put your phone in your pocket, it may immediately register and activate the touchscreen as you take your hand out of your pocket due to vibrations from walking or sitting down on a chair; this can cause difficulty for someone who needs

3. The Screen Has Become Difficult to Read or Function Properly

There are many reasons why our screen might be difficult to read or function properly. The most common is that the brightness setting on the screen has been turned down too low.

A second potential issue is that the contrast setting on your computer has been turned down too low. This usually happens when a person does not like what they see on their screen and are subconsciously trying to avoid it, which means they are more likely to pay attention to what is happening outside of it.

Another possible issue is that there may be some glare from another light source in the room which makes it difficult for us to read our screens. Lastly, there could be an issue with your eyesight, which would make it hard for you to focus on anything close-up, like a computer screen.

Conclusion: Fix the Problem Quickly by Calling OPPO Mobile Today

Conclusion: Fix the Problem Quickly by Calling OPPO Mobile Today

If you are looking for a solution for your faulty phone and you have been waiting too long, call OPPO Mobile today!

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