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My Pixel 3 Won’t Charge. What’s Wrong?

What to Try First to Get a Charging Pixel 3 again

The Pixel 3 is one of the best smartphones on the market, but it’s not immune to problems. One problem that users have reported is that the screen will turn off if there is no charge.

The company has fixed this problem in a recent software update, but what can you do if your phone still has this problem?

First thing you should do is to make sure you have the latest software update installed on your phone. If that doesn’t work, then factory reset your phone and see if it fixes the problem. Finally, try out a different power source and charger.

How to Troubleshoot a Dead Pixel 3

Dead pixels are caused by problems with the the phone’s screen.

When a pixel is dead, it does not light up and is usually seen as a black or dark spot on the screen. The two most common types of dead pixels are stuck pixels and sub-pixels – which can be corrected by turning off the device for a few minutes.

A stuck pixel will never change its color, while sub-pixels can be fixed in one of two ways. One way is to turn off your device for a few minutes, while another way is to reset it.

Why Your Google Pixel 3 Won’t Charge and What to Do About It

The Problem with Google Pixel 3 Charger Port

The Google Pixel 3 charger port has been a problem for some users, due to the design of the charging cable. The cord will not stay in place and falls out easily.

This is a design flaw that will be difficult to solve, but Google has already begun working on solutions to this issue. One possible solution would be for Google to redesign the charging cable so that it is more snug and does not fall out easily.

What to Do When Your Google Pixel Doesn’t Charge

If your Google Pixel phone is not charging, you should check these things before calling customer service.

The most common reason for this issue is that the device may be in a low battery state. If it’s not connected to a power source or if it’s been turned off and on again, plug your phone into a power outlet and let the battery charge for at least ten minutes. This will typically solve the problem.

If your Google Pixel phone still isn’t charging after connecting to a power source, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage. You should see an option for “Apps.” Tap on this and look for an app that’s using up lots of energy on your device. If you find one, try ending its process by tapping on the app and then swiping the red circle in order

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hello guys glenn from sydney cbd repair center and today we’re going to charge this google pixel 3 and let’s plug it in let’s charge it uh-oh [Music] so this google pixel 3 comes to us with a perfectly good screen and this time the problem is with the charging port so we’re going to replace it with a new one so that the smartphone can be used again so there are a lot of implications when you have a faulty charging port we have discussed this in our articles in our website but one of those obvious things that you missed out if you have a broken charging port is that you can’t charge your phone [Music] or you have an erratic voltage input to your smartphone because the pins may be damaged or the port itself is compromised by moisture or you have dunked it on water which can damage the batteries and other components inside your google pixel 3. so we will remove the backplate of this google pixel 3 and be careful if you want to do this in your own there’s a connector for the nfc or wireless charging no this is a connector for the fingerprint scanner this is for the nfc and the wireless charging so we’re gonna remove all the screws but not all all of it we’re just gonna focus on the bottom part with where you can find the charging port obviously so here in sydney cbd repair center we also do these kinds of repairs we are mostly known for our screen replacement and battery replacement since those two components are the most requested service and the screen is probably the most damaged part of a smartphone and this is it [Music] this uh this is the charging port assembly and we’re gonna replace it with this one it’s a brand new one it is a legit google pixel 3 replacement part and we’re just gonna try to install it aside from that we also do battery replacement for smart watches apple watches and samsung gear watches we also do iphones we also do rog phones which is very popular and we offer this service exclusively to people in sydney we also do mail-in uh repair orders so if you are out of sydney and you want to have your smartphone fixed you can send it over to us and we’ll fix it to you and ship it back to you for free so right here we’re gonna [Music] install the main connector which transmits the power to the battery and this is directly attached to the connector with an adhesive on the flex on the flat cable and we’re gonna fast forward it to this part right here where we attach the antenna cables [Music] right here and then the cover for this daughter board or the part of this components here and before we cover this up and install the other components we’re going to test it if it charges since that is our main goal as you can see you can attach the usb type-c and you can see it charging before you can’t even push it in fully now you can push it in and then the smartphone immediately recharges so that is a successful replacement of the charging port and we’re going to proceed now with testing ensure that the speakers are still working we’re gonna put the other components remaining components so this is uh not as straightforward but you can still give it a shot for diyers out there who want to save up some money but we recommend that you take your smartphone to a professional technician or a repair shop instead just to ensure that the parts and the procedures observed in replacing your broken charging port is up to standards so it’s compatible with your smartphone and the tools used to disassemble your smartphone is the recommended specs we’re going to apply a fresh adhesive to the back plate since it’s not going to be attached with anything now we do this because we have to ensure that the back plate will not come off after the repair even after weeks and here you can see we’re going to try to test it again and it’s still working and this one is we’re just going to clamp it in these are clamps to let the adhesives that we apply to the back plate cure so we just an added extra service for those who are wondering how we perform this stuff and as we perform other procedures we are keep we keep on testing if it’s still working and then here’s a freebie we will attach a tempered glass just to make sure that the user doesn’t break the screen in the future if they drop the smartphone so this is just a freebie for our clients so if you have problems like this guys if you have a problem with your iphones with the lightning ports if you have android with this type of problem you can go to sydney cbd repair center you can reach us out on facebook or message us through google and our website you can get a free quote and see if you can if we have the parts that you need for the repairs and don’t hesitate to visit us in our shop we are fully vaccinated and tested negative so thanks for joining guys cheers [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you


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