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xiaomi mi a3 screen repair

[Music] hello guys this is glenn from sydney cbd repair center and today we’re gonna fix a xiaomi mi a3 with a broken front and a shiny back [Music] this xiaomi mi a3 came to us with a broken screen at the front and as you can see the tempered glass in front of it is pretty worn out so we just we deduced that the user is using a phone case that that’s why the back is pretty brand new and the front is damaged due to a drop and we’re gonna replace it with a new display so first off we will remove all the components including the back plate that you just saw and this is the new screen and just like the samsung that we fixed yesterday this one also has an integrated display on the main housing and we’re gonna try to test it before fully disassembling the device to save more time and it turns on so this is a good science that means that the battery the motherboard and other components inside the the phone is functioning with the new screen so we already know that it’s functional before we disassembled some of the parts and right off the bat also the touchscreen is functional so we will proceed now to the full disassembly and as you notice this one has a different color than the one that we will be replacing it with this is a black housing with a we’re gonna replace something about is not black it’s quite silver or some other color and we’re going to remove all the connectors and the motherboard and the daughter board at the bottom and as you can notice the premium smartphones tend to have all the components integrated to the motherboard this is a xiaomi mi a3 it’s quite a budget smartphone so as you can see the motherboard the camera the microphone and some components needs to be detached before detaching the motherboard so it’s not integrated which i think it’s safe this is a vibe the vibrating motor and this is the new display and the housing that comes with it so all the things that we have removed from the previous from the old display and housing we will be attaching it here and the motherboard comes in and it’s quite fiddly looking at this in a with a macro view it’s it looks easy but if you try this on your own if you want to diy this type of repair with out any proper tools and skills you might even damage some of these flex cables these flat cables that you see on the right side here and we’re gonna proceed with the extraction of the battery from the old housing and transferring it to the new one so there’s our there are risk involved in fixing your own display even if it’s just a xiaomi mi a3 it’s a low risk but if you want to preserve the functionality of your device maybe you should have a pro technician to do it for you and here in sydney cbd repair center we do a lot of xiaomi oppo oneplus and other smartphones that are popular including the rog phone from asus and we also do iphones so if you don’t want to risk busting your smartphone that is can be easily fixed just approach us chat us leave a message or you can visit the shop we are still open during the lockdown since we are offering essential services and having your phone fixed is really essential since tracking apps um ordering apps is being done through the smartphone so having a smartphone in this lockdown is very essential and it’s now fully assembled exact for the backlight of course and we’re gonna test the components one by one including the camera the touchscreen the display and of course the buttons on the sides if it’s all working [Music] and as you can see here it’s doing fine it’s as as expected and all the things that we have replaced is now inside the smartphone so it’s good and it even at this point it looks really brand new and the shiny backplate it looks like you just bought a new smartphone to be honest [Music] right here so it’s all good we’re gonna peel off the protective plastic and voila [Music] it looks amazing so if you have the same issue with your xiaomi mi a3 or other smartphones leave us a message visit our shop ask for a free quote don’t be shy all of us here in sydney cbd repair center are fully vaccinated and tested negative for kovid so don’t worry and thanks for joining guys till next time cheers [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

How to Successfully Fix a Xiaomi Mi A3 Screen

Step 1: Check the Symptoms and the Cause of Damage

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2. If you smell gas or are seeing blue flames, call your local fire department and evacuate immediately.

3. If you see smoke coming from your furnace, turn off the gas valve and call a professional immediately.

4. Check your circuit breaker panel for blown fuses or tripped breakers that may have caused a power outage to your home or area.

5. Check for obvious signs of water damage such as mud, paint peeling off walls, discoloration on walls from water stains, etc!

Step 2: Precautionary Measures to Prevent Further Damage

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The environment is very fragile and time-sensitive. This makes it hard to deal with major disasters like oil spills, which happen at any time and can last for decades or centuries. The best way to avoid further damage is by planning ahead and preparing for certain scenarios that are likely to happen.

Environmental activists believe that if we don’t make steps now, our future generations will suffer the consequences of climate change, which will impact us for many years to come.

Step 3: Access the Screen and Key Parts of your Phone Using an Opening Tool Kit

The phone’s screen is the most important part of the phone because it is where you interact with your phone.

The following four tools can be used to access your phone’s screen:

-A stylus (a pen-shaped tool that has a point at one end)

-A metal object, e.g. a bobby pin or an unfolded metal paper clip


-Accessing the screen with something sticky, e.g. gum or tape

Step 4: Replace Broken Glasses in Your Screen

The fourth step is to replace the broken glasses in your screen. The broken glasses will cause certain pixels in your screen to be lighter than they should be, such as the reds or the oranges. This is because of a connection problem between the pixels and the LCD, and it makes it difficult for you to see images clearly. To fix this problem, all you have to do is remove and replace the broken glass with a new one.

This step should not take more than five minutes if you know how to use a screwdriver correctly, but due to safety concerns we recommend that you get an expert’s help when possible.

Step 5: Reassemble Your Xiaomi Mi A3 Phone

This article will show you how to assemble your Xiaomi Mi A3 phone.

This is an assembled diagram of the completed phone.

1. Place the battery, SIM card, and microSD card in the appropriate slots. 2. Insert the motherboard into the case. Align it with the openings on either side of the case and push it all the way in until it locks into place with a click sound from within 3. Add all other components (except for any that have already been added) to ensure proper placement and orientation. 4. Place power button on top-right side of phone (facing you), and volume buttons on right-hand side of phone 5. Connect back cover panel to insert as shown 6: Press power button to turn on your new Xiaomi Mi A

6. Use a Power Supply Tester to Test for Electrical Issues& Other Issues

7. Consider Replacing the Battery if it Is Not Holding Charge or Not Keeping Time Well

8. Clean Out Dust, Dirt, and Other Particles from Hubs and Cables to Eliminate Future Problems

Conclusion: With These 8 Steps You Can Repair


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