Samsung catching up to Apple in the US smartphone market

Latest research from Parks Associates shows that Apple remains the dominant smartphone manufacturer in the United States but Samsung is catching up to it. The Cupertino-based company controls 40% of the country’s smartphone market while Samsung is in second place with 31%. The report shows that Android OEMs are gaining ground on Apple’s home turf and are likely to maintain this momentum going forward.

With its 31% share of the country’s smartphone market Samsung is currently the dominant Android OEM in the United States, followed by LG which commands a 10% market share. Other OEMs like Motorola and HTC account for about 5% of the market combined. Despite being the single largest smartphone vendor in the country Apple still loses out to Android in the platform wars as it accounts for almost 60% of the entire US smartphone market. As far as the global market is concerned Samsung remained the leader in global smartphone shipments last year with 324.8 million units shipped. Apple came in second place with 231.5 million units.