Samsung will show off its transparent OLED display at IFA 2015

We know that Samsung has been working on transparent OLED displays for some time now and the company is ready to demonstrate its technology at the IFA 2015 consumer electronics show in Berlin this week. The company will show off its big-screen OLED transparent display at the event, the display is meant to be used for commercial displays in stores, it measures 55-inches and is not intended to be used for consumer TVs. Alongside this display the company will also show off a similar product that has a mirror back and has also been developed for retail use.

The company first showed off its transparent and mirror OLED panels earlier this year at the Retail Asia Expo 2015 in Hong Kong, they’re meant to be used for informational browsing and personalized shopping. This was a proof of concept from Samsung at that event to show that the technology can be put to use in commercial operations. Samsung might provide more information about this technology at IFA 2015, and if it’s ready to put it out in the market, we might also hear about the very first retail partners who adopt the transparent OLED displays.