Samsung’s latest patents show scrollable devices, tab style smartphones and more


Has been rumored to be working on a foldable display and a recent patent gives us a whole new concept which is the idea of a scrollable device. Such a device would have two states: a rolled state and an unrolled state. In the first state you would basically have a tube-like device which would give you the ability to pull using a small handle, thus revealing a large display. This would definitely prove pretty useful because you could easily carry the scroll around in your pocket and only pull the screen out when you need it.

An interesting feature

An interesting Feature of this design is the handle that you use to pull the screen out, which is called a tab. The tab is a mobile part of the scroll and it can either be put up or down on the tube, the latter unveiling your notifications in an elegant manner.

Another way of opening this gadget would be to press a certain icon on the side then when you pull the display out, it would open that exact app.

Another notable patent that Samsung submitted recently is the tab style smartphone which is a device resembling a book. This gadget would basically fold in half with a tab attached on the side with various apps so you would quickly open apps similar to what the previous scroll concept used.