Samsung’s watch face section marred with quality control issues

There are countless watch faces available in the Gear store for the Gear S2, those who own the smartwatch aren’t really pressed for choice, besides that it’s also allowed to make your own and sell them on the store. The company has also released new software that allows anyone and everyone to make watch faces for the Gear S2 even if they have no formal development or design experience. It’s good that the company wants to make sure that there is always enough to go by but it must pay special attention to the kinds of watch faces that pass through its seemingly ineffective approval process and get listed on the Gear store.

We recently discovered a pretty useless watch face for the Gear S2 which costs a ridiculous thousand Euro but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Gear store is filled with watch faces that are based on iconic designs of major Swiss manufacturers like Tag Heuer and Panerai to name a few. I am quite sure that those companies won’t be particularly happy to see that their designs, which happen to be their intellectual property, are being replicated and distributed without their knowledge or consent. This is almost similar to selling fake watches and expecting that the original manufacturers wouldn’t mind that at all, when in fact they most certainly do. It’s likely that Samsung pulls such watch faces when they are brought to the company’s attention but the company’s action shouldn’t come after the fact, it should improve its approval process for watch faces to ensure that the ones which infringe on a watchmaker’s original design or any company’s logo aren’t allowed to be listed in the first place.