MediaTek Helio P30 leads mid-range, P23 delivers a class upgrade

Every so often, we’d take a peek at a mid-ranger device and the most popular chipset out there would be the MediaTek Helio P10. Ah, that octa-core processor seemed like it would be everywhere forever, even when the Helio P20 came along and was adopted with some trepidation.

Well, if anything should “kill” the Helio P10, it will be MediaTek itself: the Helio P23 and Helio P30got their launch today with a focus on dual-camera signal processing, dual-SIM VoLTE and superior efficiency with their 16nm fabrication. Both retain eight Cortex-A53 core designs with speeds anywhere up to 2.3GHz.

The Helio P23 is set to support dual image signal processing with maximum twin image sizes of 13 megapixels. It has the Mali G71 MP2 GPU with speeds of 770MHz inside. Power efficiency, when compared to the Helio P20, goes up by 15 percent.

The P30 gets fancier with the same GPU clocked up to 950MHz, a 16-megapixel maximum on image processing and a new Vision Processing Unit with 500MHz dedicated to ISP. The dedicated chip can help with live bokeh effects on video and other heavy tasks, leaving the rest of the system free for other processes. Efficiency improves from the P25 by 8 percent.

The P23 will be available to OEMs worldwide and the P30 to Chinese companies from the fourth quarter.