Galaxy Note 7 has the best AMOLED display

Galaxy Note 7 has the best AMOLED display

According to DisplayMate, the best AMOLED display on any smartphone goes to the latest flagship device from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 7. Do you agree?

note 7 best amoled display

Samsung, as a company, have so much to be proud of. As one of the best manufacturers in the world for its AMOLED displays used for mobile devices and large panels, it is unsurprisingly been aced another recognition. Having the best AMOLED display on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, according to DisplayMate.

DisplayMate even added that the Note 7 should have been called the Note 8 so that the name will better get suited and synced with the future Galaxy S8. This might be subjective but the bottomline is: the new Note 7 is king of the display category on any smartphone available today.

Colors are subject to the wider-than-ever DCI-P3 gamut meant for 4K televisions and an HDR video playback mode for even greater range for non-optimized videos along with more restrained sRGB gamuts. The dual ambient light sensors — a first on smartphones — better help the device hone in on brightness adjustments. Speaking of, the Note 7 is able to achieve a record level of brightness at 1,048 nits and the lowest amount of screen reflectance as well.

For users who are lucky enough to have the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now, then see for yourself.