The Most American Ad of the Galaxy Note 7

The Korean company, Samsung, may have finally overthrowned Apple off the marketing game with a very funny, all-American themed ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

note 7 ad funny and american

The man in question is Christoph Waltz. He has so much Oscars for any actor to have, worked with the best in Hollywood, became a James Bond antagonist, what more have he not done? Yes, a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ad!

The Inglorious Basterds actor have been working with Samsung to come up with a very silly new ad that only intensified the Note 7\’s desirability.

In the ad, Waltz praises/complains about the American work ethic, while multitasking through a series of increasingly ridiculous costumes, as a housewife, car sales, short-shorted child and track and field runner, before launching into a love fest for American ingenuity. An interesting creative choice for a team-up between a South Korean company and an Austrian-German actor.

Christoph on a stationary bike is certainly worth the watch.