Two other ways How Robin Thicke uses the Galaxy Note 3 & Gear

About a week ago, we presented Robin Thicke – the man who brought us Blurred Lines, the party anthem of the year– and his day with the Galaxy Note 3 & Gear. Let’s just say that his day was as ‘Hollywood’ as we expected. We’ve also told you that the video was the first of three-part video series of Robin’s day of using Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. Today, we would like to show you the two other ways how Robin Thicke uses the Galaxy Note 3 and Gear.

1. At a Party (to impress)

He says that you can design your life easily with the Galaxy Note 3. Well, it is convincing, because he shows us how easy it is to impress the guests at a party.


All he had to do was ‘Drop and Drag’ text messages to invite his buddies to host a great surprise party! As we smell everyone’s heart melting from his sweetness, we quickly realize why he says ‘the more, the merrier’. He is the man with the master plan.


2. On a Date (to impress)

On the third episode of Robin Thicke and Galaxy Note 3 & Gear, he shows us how you can design your life magically. Here, he is on a date with a special girl.

No matter who you are, if you’re on a date, there is only one mission, impress the date! He coordinates various magical situations for his date with his Galaxy Gear to take ‘impressing the date’ to another level. As his date is fascinated with the magical atmosphere he designs, he gives us one word of advice for people who want to impress their dates, make it happen!