Users reporting iOS 11 sluggishness will want to factory reset

There has been a swath of frustration spreading through the community of iPhone and iPad users. All across social media, and especially on this Reddit thread, there have been complaints about apps taking tens of seconds to open all together in iOS 11.

” Ever since I upgraded, launching apps is an absolute chore. Safari, Reddit, ESPN, Yahoo, texts, etc all have a terrible time opening. They either crash back to home, freeze and require closing the app or take well over a minute to load. I never had a single issue with my 7+ before last night and now suddenly it’s like this phone is stuck in quicksand. I’ve never had to hard reset this phone before but I’ve had to do it twice in the past two days.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Or is there a fix? “— /u/leejoness

343 comments followed with many of them agreeing that there has been trouble had with the update, if not in slowness then with UI functionality for apps.

One fix? Go back to iOS 10.3.3 and let things sort themselves out for a while.

  • Download the IPSW — the update file — for your device.
  • Deactivate “Find My iPhone.” It is under the iCloud section of the settings.
  • Connect your device to your computer and make sure the latest version of iTunes is installed.
  • Force Restart your device and enter into Device Firmware Update mode:
    • For the iPhone 7 and later, hold the Volume Down and Sleep/Wake buttons for 10 seconds, then let go of the Sleep/Wake button and continue to hold the Volume Down.
    • For the iPhone 6s and earlier, hold the Sleep/Wake button and Home buttons for 8 seconds, then just the Home button for another several seconds.
  • If iTunes pops up a prompt saying that it has detected a device in recovery mode, click OK.

Or, take it from our Editor-in-Chief, Anton D. Nagy.