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Vivid Sydney 2016

Vivid Sydney Cruise Deals

Save up to 65% from these exclusive deals from Sydney CBD Repair Centre!

Sydney Dreamboat’s Amazing Vivid Cruise Deal

I know you want to be exclusive. You want the best, away from the crowd. Sydney Dreamboat’s Vivid cruise deals will surely delight you.

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Best Deals from Cruise Vivid Sydney 2016

Cruise Vivid offers amazing Vivid cruise deals just for you! Sydney CBD Repair Centre highly recommends this limited time offer for a perfect cruise Vivid Sydney.

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Sea Sydney Harbour’s Best Vivid Cruise Deals

This Vivid Sydney be sure to pick the right deal for your Sydney Vivid Cruises. Sydney CBD Repair Centre recommends Sea Sydney Harbour’s Vivid Cruise deal!

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Vivid Sydney Harbour Cruise with Constellation Cruises

Go and see the Vivid Sydney in style with Constellation Cruises. A Sydney Harbour cruise with a perfect view of the Sydney Harbour aboard a luxuriuos catamaran.

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Vivid Sydney Cruise with The Pontoon

With still days to go before Vivid Sydney 2016 goes to its last day, experience the Sydney Harbour in style with The Pontoon. The Vivid Cruise of your dreams.

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Three Biggest Weekends for Vivid Sydney

If you’re asking how long is Vivid Sydney on for? Well, Vivid Sydney has expanded to 23 days which means there are even more opportunities to see all of the Lights, Music and Ideas on offer. Sydney CBD Repair Centre brings you some big ideas for three big weekends at Vivid Ideas.

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Vivid Sydney Dates for Vivid Lounge @ MCA

These are some of the Vivid dates that you should remember when you want to experience some Vivid Live performances from the greatest in party and electronic talents.

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Vivid Sydney Dates for Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

Catch exciting sessions at our knowledge hub, the Vivid Ideas Exchange on Level 6 of the Museum of Contemporary Australia, every day. Stay for drinks and free music at the Vivid Lounge from  6pm until 11pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Read more…

Vivid Sydney Dates for Communications and Audience Development

Connect with audience, markets and communities to generate interest, participation and impact.

Read more…

Vivid Sydney Dates for Storytelling

Develop skills and strategies to tell meaningful stories and generate impact.

Read more…

Vivid Sydney Dates for Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Discover successful models and strategies to launch or scale your business or career.

Read more…

Vivid Sydney Dates for Community and Social Impact

Build, engage with and empower creative, local and diverse communities.

Read more…

Vivid Sydney Dates for Creating and Making

Develop the tools, skills and strategies vital for creative practitioners, producers and creators of all kinds.

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Vivid Sydney Dates for Education

Foster innovation and creativity in schools, work and support lifelong learning.

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Vivid Sydney Updates Events

Enjoy the festivities as we bring you the must see attractions of this year’s Vivid Sydney!

Top 10 Best Free Events at Vivid Sydney 2016

Vivid Sydney is Australia’s biggest festival that presents the best in the fields of light, music and ideas.

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10 Cruise Vessels for Harbour Lights in Vivid Sydney 2016

The Sydney Harbour will again be flooded with light as Vivid Sydney 2016 Cruises and many participating vessels adorn the shore with bright neons.

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5 Free Vivid Light Events Near Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a place not to be missed when you visit Sydney for Vivid Sydney 2016.

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Vivid Sydney Travel Tips

Have fun and forget the fear of going around Sydney! We got you covered.

Are you new to Vivid Sydney? A lot of events to go to and you just don’t want to miss anything. Here’s an app for that.

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Free yourself from the hassle of overthinking where to go first during Vivid Sydney 2016. Here’s our recommended precincts with info for Vivid tickets.

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Lighting the Sails – Vivid Sydney 2016

Vivid Sydney is Australia’s biggest gathering to celebrate the beauty of art, the power of technology and the incredible influence of commerce in our lives.

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Vivid Sydney Photos

Bust your camera out and take some stunning photographs. Create your own Vivid memories.

Vivid Sydney End Date: Where to Go Before It’s Over

When does Vivid Sydney end? When does all the lights gets turned off? Know all Vivid Sydney 2016 dates and be on your way to schedule them all.

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Watch Vivid Sydney Videos from 2015

If it’s your first time to visit Sydney for Vivid Sydney Festival 2016, here’s some videos from 2015 that would give you a glimpse of how beautiful it is to be there in person watching the dancing lights.

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All You Need to Know About Vivid Light Walk

Vivid Sydney is well-known for strolling people from different parts of Australia and the world along the Circular Quay. This is known as the Vivid Light Walk.

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Vivid Sydney Fireworks

Prepare for the fireworks display that will blow your mind. Vivid Sydney Fireworks are ones not to be missed.

Vivid’s Cheapest Cruise Deals from Sydney

Fantasea Cruising Sydney have some great affordable deals for the first time tourists to the wonderful Vivid Sydney 2016. If you want to see what you can see and experience, read on to know more.

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Vivid Cruises in Photos

Pictures of the previous Vivid Sydney celebrations undeniably paint a million words. They show that the best places to see Vivid Sydney are through the cruises and the photographs left behind.

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Watch Vivid Sydney Fireworks!

Witness for yourself the grand fireworks display that makes Vivid Sydney one of the world’s brightest and loudest festival. These Vivid Sydney Fireworks from the years past are worth a look this time of year.

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Super Affordable Vivid Cruise Deals from Sydney

Australian Cruise Group’s supersaver offer is one of the most affordable ways for you and your family to enjoy the Vivd Sydney light festival aboard its fabulous cruise ships.

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Best Vivid Sydney Dinner Cruise

Australian Cruise Group’s Glass Boat is again adorned with bright lights for Vivid Sydney Light Festival. Dine and have a cruise in luxury and comfort while getting surrounded by the bright Sydney lights.

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Get on a Vivid Cruise with Mari Nawi

Mari Nawi is Tribal Warrior’s cruise ship vessel that will take you to amazing spectacles of Vivid Sydney. Experience Sydney cruises the authentic Aussie way.

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Vivid Sydney 2016 Restaurant Guide

You did your part. You came to Sydney. You watched the sights and attractions of Vivid Sydney. Now, you’re hungry. So, where to eat in Sydney? Here’s our All-Aussie restaurant guide.

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Vivid Sydney Starts Today!

When does Vivid start? Wait no more because Vivid Sydney Light Festival is finally here. The 18-day celebration opens up with amazing events just for you.

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Vivid Sydney 2016 Best Cruise Deals!

David’s list of cruise deals that you can get for a lower price. You will surely enjoy Vivid Sydney while saving a lot for other stuff like dining and going around Sydney after your cruise.

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