Vivid Sydney 2019: 5 Free Circular Quay Hotspots 🎫🎫

We want you to experience Vivid Sydney 2019 with your family, no matter how large it is. Here are some free hotspots in Circular Quay that might interest you or your little ones.

the ballerina vivid sydney 2019 hotspots

The Ballerina

24 May – 15 Jun 6pm – 11pm

Address:Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000

Along the harbour’s edge, the image of a dancer shimmers as if on a dream. Ballerina conjures the desire of young artists to reach the infinite through their artistry. The work uses a lighting sequence played across 20 silhouettes to represent the hypnotic cycle of a ballet, repeating in sync with its soundtrack by Davide Lamastra. Stroboscopic effects call to mind a succession of shots from some sort of photographic memory that make up a meaningful yet never completely perceptible vision.

In this dreamlike context, the ballerina of light dances on and on, performing steps, pirouettes and arabesques in an eternal solo. She is barely aware of the architecture, pathways, banisters, lampposts, benches and audience around her. Instead, she is totally absorbed on her stage – the water – with its reflections that fondly embrace the whole city.

Angelo Bonello has an artistic approach characterised by the dimensional distortion of scenic space and landscape that draws on his theatrical and performative experience. He is the artistic director of Kitonb, the Italian creative studio in Rome. Always determined to balance the micro and macro, Angelo has created and directed shows and artistic events in more than 300 cities all around the world.

the marine turtle vivid sydney 2019 hotspots

The Marine Turtle

24 May – 15 Jun6pm – 11pm

Address:Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000

Combining LED lighting and control technology, state of the art 3D design software, mechanical flippers, artisanal steel, fabric and working talents of traditional Chinese Lantern makers. Ample Projects created this entirely hand made Sea Turtle in 2016 for Taronga Conservation Society’s Centenary Year Parade, and the award winning Taronga Vivid Sydney Precincts 2016 – 2019.

Re-skinned in custom printed fabrics inspired by the drawings of NSW school kids in 2018, Ample’s majestic Sea Turtle highlights the extraordinary beauty of these endangered species, and the delicate balance that must be protected in our ocean ecosystems and habitats.

From the ancient geology of the Aussie Bush to a single tree in an urban jungle, across the expansive deep blue of our oceans and seas to the rich forest ecosystems of wild Sumatra. This Vivid Sydney, Taronga Zoo is shining a Lights For the Wild. We share this planet with some amazing wildlife. However, right now, their wild homes are under threat and they need our help more than ever.

under the harbour vivid sydney 2019 hotspots

Under the Harbour

24 May – 15 Jun6pm – 11pm

Address:Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000

You can ferry across it, marvel at its shimmering beauty and even swim in it, but how often do you dive into the emerald depths of Sydney Harbour? Using the architecture of Customs House as a canvas, award-winning creative studio Spinifex Group presents Under the Harbour, a surreal underwater encounter sure to delight children and adults alike.

Through Spinifex’s imaginative and fantastical lens, a hyper-coloured multi-verse splashes across the façade of the historic building. As a rainy twilight gathers across the harbour, a giant octopus bursts out of the water and wraps its tentacles around the sun, dragging it under. This watery world is alive with neon sea creatures, botanical wonderlands, and unclassified oddities. Under the Harbour is a playful, exquisite escape from reality into an extraordinary underwater fantasy certain to inspire audiences and deepen the appreciation of Sydney’s aquatic haven.

This super-scale projection mapping experience is the creative vision of Spinifex’s Los Angeles-based design director Ben Alpass. Ben’s work spans multiple disciplines including photography, print, animation, interactive, installation, and projection. In 2018 alone, his work was awarded a Cannes Lion, D&AD Pencil, and a One Show Gold Pencil. Originally from Melbourne, Ben studied Multimedia Design at Swinburne National School of Design and has been the recipient of the Melbourne Design Award.

the harp of the city vivid sydney 2019 hotspots

The Harp of the City

24 May – 15 Jun6pm – 11pm

Address:Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000

The Harp of the City is a giant public instrument that produces sound and an interactive light show. Like any master-crafted instrument, each harp is completely unique, carved by hand out of wood. This gives each harp its own character, which is mirrored in both form and sound. From the lighting to the contours, each harp’s design is simple and beautiful, waiting to be brought vividly to life by anyone who plucks the strings.

Using contact microphones and reactive LED lighting, the strings of each harp can be plucked by as many people as can get their hands on them. Each of the harps’ six strings produces a different resonance and luminous response depending on the way it is played. Together, the 14 harps produce a variety of notes, creating a symphony of sound and lightplay across its 30 metre length.

The installation reminds us that the city is not just a passive space filled with the incessant noise of car horns and jackhammers. The Harp of the City proves that beautiful music can be created by complete strangers and can enhance our experience of the urban environment.

let it snow vivid sydney 2019 hotspots

Let it Snow

24 May – 15 Jun6pm – 11pm

Address:Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000

Have you ever seen it snow in Sydney? This super-scale immersive and responsive installation makes it seems like giant snowflakes have landed at Hickson Road Reserve.

This is an environment where virtual and physical worlds coincide. Walk between the crystalline structures for a sense of the way snow flurries. Illuminated by many thousands of LED bulbs, Let It Snowreacts to weather patterns and pedestrian motion. Light plays across the dendrites that give each snowflake its singular form. According to lead artist Jing Li, ‘as you enter the piece, you are walking into a space occupied by real and virtual elements, and you can affect both. The space feels more turbulent and tempestuous when the wind is blowing and lots of people are playing, wandering and running around the flake shapes. On less busy evenings with little to no breeze, the spaces feels calm and gentle’. Whatever the level of activity, seating within the installation provides an opportunity to pause and marvel at this algorithmic snow show.

Let It Snow enlivens our spatial perception and teases our emotions. Watching simulated snowflakes fall from the sky brings us closer to mother nature, and highlights our own natures. “Just like each snowflake, we as individuals are all unique and beautiful.” – Artist Jing Li