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If you’ve finally tired of watching the selfie camera on your brand new OnePlus 7 Pro pop up and down again, you’ll be pleased to note that there are a ton of ways that you can personalize and change the handset to your taste. Whether it’s enabling the system-wide dark theme, altering the temperature of the display, setting up Zen Mode or even changing the resolution of the Fluid AMOLED display, check out our list of essential tips and tricks for the OnePlus 7 Pro (and OnePlus 7) after the break.



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Dark Mode





If the shiny whiteness of OxygenOS is too bright for you, why not switch over to using the built-in, system-wide dark mode on your new phone. Besides being easier on the eyes, Dark Mode also helps with battery life on AMOLED displays.

  • Open Settings
  • Navigate to Display Settings
  • Scroll down to Theme and select Dark

Zen Mode




If you are spending too much time on your phone and desperately need a time out, activating Zen Mode will disable everything on your phone apart from phone calls, emergency calls, and the camera app for 20-minutes. You can chill out and regain some semblance of equilibrium without a smartphone display in your face, at least for a short time. Word of warning: Once Zen Mode is activated, it can’t be stopped.

  • Pull down your notification shade to open up Quick Settings
  • Click Edit and scroll down until you see the Zen Mode tile
  • Tap-and-hold the Zen Mode tile to drag it to your Quick Settings panel
  • Exit the editing mode
  • Pull down the notification shade to access Quick Settings again
  • Tap on the Zen Mode tile
  • Tap Let’s Go
  • Press Start to confirm Zen Mode activation


Display Temperature




Some of us prefer saturated colors, others a more natural hue. Whatever your preference, you can choose between the display showing warmer or coolers in a matter of seconds.

  • Open Settings
  • Select Display Settings
  • Tap on Screen Calibration
  • Choose between Vivid and Natural or click on Advanced for more options, including the ability to manually adjustthe temperature slider


Display Resolution





The OnePlus 7 Pro is the first OnePlus smartphone to launch boasting a better than Full HD+ display thanks to its QHD+ resolution. If you are trying to make the most of your battery life, switching down to FHD+ resolution can result in slightly improved usage. You can also select the Auto Switch option that will automatically change the phone’s resolution as required.

  • Open Settings
  • Scroll down to Display Settings
  • Tap on Resolution
  • Choose between Auto SwitchQHD+ or FHD+ Resolution


Accent Color






The standard theme is perfectly fine, but you can add a touch of personality to proceedings by changing the Accent color on your brand new handset, without needing to install a third-party launcher.

  • Open Settings
  • Scroll down to Accent Color
  • Select one of the stock colors or click on the palette icon to create your perfect shade


Customize the Alert Slider





OnePlus is known for including an Alert Slider on its handsets, allowing you to switch between Silent, Vibrate, and Sound On modes without needing to unlock the phone. The Alert Slider can also mute the sound from content that is playing.

  • Open Settings
  • Select Buttons & Gestures
  • Tap on Alert Slider
  • Tap on Silent
  • Choose whether the Alert Slider controls media volume


DC Dimming





DC Dimming is a new method of adjusting the screen brightness by changing the circuit power of the display, reducing flickers at low brightness levels and increasing power efficiency slightly.

  • Open Settings
  • Scroll down and select Utilities
  • Tap on OnePlus Laboratory
  • Select DC Dimming and tap the Activate toggle


Navigation Bar





Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to navigating their smartphone, whether it’s by way of the on-screen buttons, gestures, or somewhere in-between. You’ve got the whole gamut of options available to you on your new OnePlus 7 or 7 Pro.

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Buttons & Gestures
  • Select Navigation Bar & Gestures
  • Toggle between BackHome, and RecentsSwiping up on the Home Button or using Gestures entirely


Battery Saver





As good as the battery life is on the OnePlus 7 Pro with its 4,000mAh battery, sometimes you need a little bit more, which means you’ll be looking to toggle the Battery Saver option.

  • Open Settings
  • Select Battery
  • Tap on Battery Saver
  • Toggle Battery Saver on


Customize Gaming Mode





When you are in the middle of an intense gaming session, the last thing you need is the display suddenly dimming or being interrupted by a flood of notifications. Gaming mode brings the ability to route calls directly to the loudspeaker, block notifications, disable notifications for third-party apps, disable automatic brightness, as well as enhancing haptic feedback for supported games. You’ll need to activate Gaming Mode to turn on Fnatic Mode.

  • Open Settings
  • Select Utilities
  • Tap on Gaming Mode
  • Toggle the appropriate options


Fnatic Mode





If Gaming Mode isn’t quite robust enough for your needs, Fnatic Mode (not a typo) will ensure that you get the absolute best gaming experience possible by blocking all notifications and calls, focusing performance on gameplay, and prioritizing the primary SIM card to achieve low-latency, and disabling the secondary SIM.

  • Pull down the Quick Settings panel
  • Activate Gaming Mode
  • From the resulting pop-up, toggle Fnatic Mode on or off
  • Click OK


Icon Pack





We all have our personal preferences when it comes to app icons; some of us prefer square icons, while others prefer round ones. It’s easy enough to change the icon pack on the phone by choosing one of the stock options or your favorite third-party design from the Play Store.

  • Long-press an empty area on the Home Screen
  • Select Home Settings
  • Click on Icon Pack
  • Choose between the default OnePlus icon theme, SquareCircle, or a Third-party design


Display Refresh Rate





The OnePlus 7 Pro features a Fluid AMOLED display that offers the choice between a 90Hz and a 60Hz refresh rate. Toggling the 90Hz refresh rate will result in a smooth viewing experience with slightly increased battery usage.

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Display
  • Select Screen Refresh Rate
  • Toggle the 60Hz or 90Hz options


Customize status bar





The status bar can get a little crowded at times, but you can make it a little roomier by customizing how the battery percentage is displayed. You can choose whether to show a battery bar or circle to reflect battery life, or you can hide the icon. You can also choose to disable the battery percentage, thereby removing an additional element from the status bar. You can also choose to show the network speed and the format that the time is displayed.

  • Open Settings
  • Select Display
  • Scroll down and tap on Status Bar
  • Toggle the Battery Style to choose the style of the battery icon or to hide it
  • Toggle the Battery Percentage on or off
  • Choose to display the Network Speed
  • Choose your preferred Time Format


Change Fingerprint animation





If the fingerprint animation doesn’t quite suit your preferences, you’ll be glad to find out that there are a couple of different animations to choose between. You’ll need to have previously enrolled your fingerprint before you can change the effect.

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Security & Privacy
  • Select Fingerprint
  • Enter your Pin Code/Pattern/Password
  • Tap on Fingerprint Animation Effect
  • Choose between Cosmo, Ripple, Stripe or No Animation