Watch a Helpful iPhone X Tutorial Video

iPhone X tutorial video



Whether you have already bought or plan to buy an iPhone X, you’ll undoubtedly noticed that using the iPhone is quite different from prior models, not only because it lacks a Home button and requires learning a series of new gestures to perform familiar tasks, but also because there are a handful of new features introduced on iPhone X that don’t yet exist on any other Apple device.

Apple has apparently anticipated that the changes with iPhone X may require some adjustment and learning, and they have helpfully created a four and a half minute long tutorial video that walks through various tentpole features on iPhone X, including using Face ID, Animoji, Portrait Lighting mode on the new camera, and also learning and using the various new gestures required for the device.

The complete video is embedded below for easy viewing. Whether you already have an iPhone X, have ordered one and are awaiting its arrival, or are simply thinking about getting one down the road, the video is worth watching as it goes over a variety of features and changes, and how these new capabilities and changes work on the new device.





We’ve covered many iPhone X tips including taking screenshots on iPhone Xforce restarting iPhone Xquitting apps on iPhone Xusing Reachability on iPhone Xwhat happens if you use iPhone X without Face ID, amongst other iPhone X specific topics, and we’ll continue to do so moving forward.

Even if you don’t have an immediate interest in iPhone X, it’s worth pointing out that iPhone X is likely an indicator of where other future iPhone and iPad devices are going, and the iPhone X seems to suggest that other upcoming devices will lose their Home button and instead rely on gesture movements and Face ID as well. With that in mind, these kind of tutorial videos from Apple can be helpful for getting a hint at where other devices are going.

Perhaps capabilities like Face ID and some of the nicer relevant gestures will even arrive on the Mac down the road too, time will tell.

Anyway enjoy the video, you’ll likely find it helpful if you’re a new iPhone X owner!