Week 54: Power Banks, OnePlus X Editions and Experience Stores

The OnePlus Power Bank Strikes Back

Yeah. The Star Wars hype is getting to us all but we have some awesome news coming your way next week.

The OnePlus Power Banks were a runaway hit the last time around and we’ve got plenty of stock this holiday season for the discerning accessory buyer. Expect the same to be in store on Amazon India in the coming week. Stay tuned to our social media channels for the launch sale date.

OnePlus 2: Available Invite-free on Amazon India

Rejoice fans for the OnePlus 2 has officially gone invite free starting this week. If you’ve been holding out this holiday season for a smartphone change, head over to Amazon and buy one today along with an assortment of accessories to complement your latest acquisition.

OnePlus X – Ceramic and Champagne Gold Editions

We have been getting plenty of enquiries from our fans on the availability of OnePlus X – Ceramic and Champagne Gold editions and we are happy to announce that we will be targeting a late December release for both. More details on the same coming to you in the following week.

OnePlus Icons In-Ear Earphones (Gold)

Audiophiles rejoice! As announced last week, the OnePlus Icons In-Ear Earphones with the “Gold” finish are now available for purchase on Amazon India. The distinctive OnePlus Icons design, most notably the two hollow columns, is inspired by the blueprint of an organ piano allowing one to experience a rich resonance of bass, ensuring clarity without distortion.

The OnePlus Icons are available for Rs. 2,999.    

OnePlus Experience Stores

For the wonderful people of Hyderabad and Mumbai, we have news! Go out this weekend and experience our smartphones in the following venues for a complete hands-on view of our latest handsets.