YouTube Go to be released in India for offline videos

how to combat slow Wi-fi and data caps when watching Youtube? Youtube Go! It will soon be released in India but we would love to see it anywhere.


If you want your favorite YouTube videos on your smartphone or tablet when there\’s no wi-fi or data connection, you have a few options. First is you can download the video from your device via the YouTube app for offline use, or download it from your PC with some third party software and copy the video files to your mobile device.

Well, YouTube themselves came up with one new solution: YouTube Go.

Revealed at a Google product event in Delhi, India, YouTube Go is a spin-off of the Indian version of YouTube’s ‘Smart Offline’ feature released earlier this year, allowing more control over offline video storage.

With YouTube Go you can apparently:

  • preview videos and select your desired download quality based on the your storage capacity left and of course, your data allowance
  • share feature that allows users to pass copies of videos among different devices without using the internet so this might use Bluetooth

The app tracks saved videos in a simple tab inside YouTube Go’s app, allowing users to avoid hunting for videos in Android’s often difficult to find download section.

YouTube Go will be released first in India and is now accepting registrations to people who would be interested to use the new app. This may be useful in places where the internet connection is not consistently fast. This will not be India, but to some other places in the world of course. Or YouTube could just release this worldwide so we can enjoy the data savings this will bring.