5 Screen Problems that We Fix in the Shop

These 5 screen menace could happen to your smartphone too!

In the many years of Sydney CBD Repair Centre operation, we have faced screen issues of all sorts. From the subtle cracks to the totally obliterated smartphone display. We fix all of them. Here are the top 5 most common that we deal with on the daily.

cracked iphone screen

Damage #1: Cracks

We’re pretty sure that you’ve seen a crack before. When you drop something glassy and brittle, it will most likely crack, shatter or disintegrate into smaller pieces. Your smartphone is no different. It will crack when you sit on it the wrong way. It will crack when you drop it on the hard floor. It will crack if you tried to fix it yourself. It will crack if you ran it over with your car. All this Gorilla glass technology and your smartphone’s display won’t last long if you don’t cover it with thick screen protectors. This damage is as old as the first fully glass LCD on the modern smartphone. It’s also the most common so if you cracked yours, then welcome to the club!

iphone dead pixel

Damage #2: Dead Pixels

To be honest this is not that annoying if you’re not really particular on your smartphone’s condition. A dead pixel is not a broken Google smartphone but exactly how it is said – dead/broken pixels. Your smartphone can exhibit a permanent dot where a pixel is not anymore working. It’s unnoticeable if you got one or two of them. However, if you got a big region with dead pixels, then you might need to replace your screen.

iphone ghost touch

Damage #3: Ghost Touch

Ghost touch is when your smartphone screen is moving some of the UI elements totally on its own. This means that the touch mechanism is detecting touches that you didn’t do. Hence, the name ghost touch because it seems like someone unseen is using your smartphone. But there is no ghost involved, fortunately. This is just a faulty touch assembly that picks up taps and drags because some portions of it are permanently pressed down. It can detect this all the time so when you use your smartphone, it seems like it is using your smartphone with a ghost.

iphone no backlight

Damage #4: No Backlight

This is a tricky one to diagnose. Your smartphone screen has many layers. There’s the touch assembly, the LCD/LED layer and the backlight, if it is an LCD. What it does is it lights up your screen. DUh? But when it gets busted, you will not see a thing. Seriously. However, if you light up your smartphone with a flashlight, you can see that your smartphone is perfectly working but you just don’t see a thing! Screen replacement is the way to go on this one or maybe a software update. But updating your smartphone is rarely the solution on this hardware problem.

iphone colour and brightness issue

Damage #5: Brightness or Colour Issues

Of course, you can’t complete this list without mentioning the washed out colour problem on some displays. There are also cases of burn-in on some AMOLED display where it retains some images of static UI elements. But this one is stemmed on either a bad smartphone setting or a bad display overall. You can’t ramp up your smartphone’s brightness outdoors or you just don’t see colour accurately like you did before. If tinkering with the settings on your smartphone wouldn’t work, replace the screen mate. We’ll help you with that.

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