5 Signs of a Good Smartphone Repair Shop

Don’t get ripped off!

Learn the tricks to detect unreliable smartphone repair shop who overcharges, does poor job, and straight wanted to rip you off big time.

signs of a good shop good reputation

Sign #1: They have good reputation.

If enough people can attest to a shop’s reputation, then they must be doing something right. Check their review on Google or even on their own Facebook page. Is it high enough with legit feedback from previous customers? Some reviews can be fake, if you don’t know by now. Can a friend recommend this shop without any reservations? Then go for that shop. They are mostly known for the excellent service or great pricing. But startup companies can also be a great option too. Small shops can often give you the same or even better customer service than your city’s most popular smartphone repair shop.

signs of a good shop good pricing

Sign #2: They offer reasonable pricing.

Do they price match or even offer the same pricing as the first-party repair options? If you shop around, you’ll figure this out right away. Cheap is often not the best option. Paying extra money for extra work is often more worth it in the long run. But paying more than extra for a subpar repair job is also a no go. Get the sweet spot that you can afford. Don’t rush, mate.

signs of a good shop good customer service

Sign #3: They have good customer service or channels.

Do you get ignored when you send them a message through their Instagram or Messenger? Do you get a reply after three days? That’s a no go. Worse, is when a shop doesn’t even have an online presence. Don’t bother with shops who are not interested to talk to you online. If they are fixing smartphones, then they should show it by being online. This is how business gets done now, folks. You send them a message, they give you a quote, you go to their shop and you get your smartphone fixed. Sounds simple? It should be!

signs of a good shop warranty

Sign #4: They offer limited warranties.

Take them as an added insurance, if you will. Limited warranties are more like a friendly gesture. A smartphone repair will never be as good as factory fresh finish. Come on, the repair shop is using their own glue to put your smartphone back. Obviously, your manufacturer warranty has gone off the picture. If you want a brand’s manufacturer, go to their authorized repair centres. However, if a mom and pop repair shop offers you a one week or a one month warranty on your battery replacement, that’s a good sign that they back up their work that way.

signs of a good shop having a shop

Sign #5: They actually have a shop you can visit.

It is obvious but most people overlook the fact that to be a legit repair shop, you need to have an actual place of business. Is it in their house or a rented market space? If you can’t visit them and hand them your smartphone personally, then it’s a risky proposition. Where can you talk to the man in charge or the technician? Okay, you can mail in your smartphone to some shops but if you don’t know where they are located, you might as well not do business with them. Why? You don’t know if you can get your smartphone back if in case they hacked it or lost it.

See the point? You always have a place to go to if you have problems with the repair.

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