Are you facing any of these issues with your Galaxy Note 7?

The Galaxy Note 7 is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones that money can buy right now. It has received rave reviews ever since it came out two weeks ago and the vast majority of the people who picked one up appear to be satisfied with the handset. However, some users are facing problems with their Galaxy Note 7, problems that you would not expect from a handset that’s barely two weeks old.

Threads have been started on various forums reporting that some users are experiencing bootloops, crashes and even complete bricking of the Galaxy Note 7 through no apparent fault of their own. PhoneArena shared an image of their office unit which appears to be having trouble booting up as well. We’ve also received reports from users who experienced similar problems. Those who are experiencing these issues say that the handset worked fine for the first couple of days and these problems emerged out of the blue. Apparently trying to reboot the phone into safe mood doesn’t work as well, wiping the cache and complete factory resets don’t seem to be fixing the problem.

Some users who were facing these problems say that certified Samsung shops were also unaware of how to deal with the issues so they are just replacing affected handsets. If the reports are to be believed, the issues appear to be limited to the Exynos variant of the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has not yet acknowledged the issues so it’s unclear what’s the reason behind all this.