❤ Are you upgrading your Samsung Galaxy Fold or Flip?

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Galaxy Unpacked is mere days away, but we know what to expect from Samsung – another round of foldables that offer generational improvements. But is that enough for you to pull the trigger on a new Galaxy Z Fold 5 or Flip 5?

What do the Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 bring to the table?

Depending on what device you own right now, you’re looking at some improvements, just like you would with any device year over year. While the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 haven’t technically been announced, we have enough reliable information from both leaks and the company itself to get a general idea of what the new foldables improve on.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 improvements

The first thing that comes to mind is the Z Flip 5‘s completely revamped external display. It is the foremost change and center of attention in terms of Galaxy foldables prior to launch. That display is said to come in at 3.4 inches across with a resolution of 748 x 720. By comparison, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 utilizes a 1.9-inch display with a resolution of 260 x 512. That’s a 55% increase in size, and the leaked images show just how much of a difference that makes.





As for the internal panel, that AMOLED 2X display is set at 6.7 inches and can hit up to 120 frames per second. That resolution clocks in at 2640 x 1080 – no surmisable difference on paper.

With the same 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB / 512 GB loadout, the only other stark difference is the superior Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which should bring a slight performance increase over the previous generation.

Galaxy Z Fold 5 improvements

The step up from Fold 4 to Fold 5 is a little less pronounced. Each generation’s core display specs look to be, on paper, identical to each other. That includes size, resolution, and refresh rate.





Internally, the battery and memory options are the same, including 12 GB of RAM with 256 GB / 512 GB of internal storage. The only major difference here is the CPU. Just like the Flip 5, the Fold 5 will run a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for that increase in processing power and connectivity.

Physically, the Z Fold 5 sits at 0.8 mm thinner than the Z Fold 4. That matches up with what Samsung stated before the launch.

Getting ‘slimmer and lighter’

A major change affecting both the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 is the way Samsung designed the connection between the two sides of the device. In the center, it’s expected that Samsung is incorporating a new hinge system that does away with the “hinge gap” we’re used to in the Fold/ Flip 4 and prior devices. The tiny space that’s visible when the devices are closed may not exist on the Fold 5 and Flip 5, though that’s uncertain for now.





Samsung also hints at the foldables achieving a new minimum weight. It’s been reported that the Z Fold 5 will weigh a few grams more than the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The S23 Ultra isn’t exactly light as a feather, though it’s on the expected end for a solid device. For a foldable that houses two displays and a long center mechanism for smooth operation, that’s an encouraging benchmark.

Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 might take on a heavier price tag

Another area of consideration for those looking to upgrade hardware is the price at which those new foldables will be sold. Both the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Fold 4 had the same launch price – $1,799. While it’s no rainy-day money, it’s mostly understandable for relatively nascent technology, which has always followed a certain pattern. That trend generally says new tech is much more expensive, with subsequent generations getting more reasonably priced as time goes on.

That trend might have broken in 2023, as many other things have.

It’s looking like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 will see a price increase of approximately €100 each – at least in France. That said, the report is limited to European pricing, leaving US pricing currently unknown.

Google and OnePlus want your attention

The last couple of years have seen Samsung crowned as the most successful foldable manufacturer, but Google and OnePlus are vying for that title with new and upcoming devices that offer up some competition.

The Pixel Fold has gone through its announcement and release, meaning the device has stirred up some publicity – good and bad. Overall, the Pixel Fold is a solid phone with some serious potential, especially considering this is Google’s first attempt at a product the general market knows very little about. The glaring error on Google’s part is the pricing, unfortunately. At $1,799, it’s hard to justify the Pixel Fold when the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is sitting around the corner at (probably) the same price.

The OnePlus Open, on the other hand, is set to debut sometime in August. The 8-inch foldable is expected to pack a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, following in Samsung’s footsteps. While there’s no word on pricing, we’re more than confident that it will not be cheap, but it may not be as expensive as Google and Samsung feel is right.







Are you upgrading?

Let’s say you own a Galaxy Z Fold or Flip of any generation – are you trading it in or selling it to grab a Z Fold 5 or Flip 5?

It’s worth noting that those who do upgrade are more than likely to trade in, whether that’s through a carrier or directly from Samsung. At launch, Samsung has historically been more generous with trade-in values, offering more than any other buyer simply because it can recycle or resell older devices with relative ease. However, that trend has changed recently as well. The company is still running a $50 gift credit and up to $340 enhanced trade-in credit for anyone who reserves before the announcement.

We’re hoping that trading in a Galaxy Z Fold 4 for a Fold 5 means heavy savings. If trade-in values are as attractive as we’ve seen in the past, those who pre-order are likely to see a final price tag of a few hundred rather than close to $2,000. Unfortunately, there’s no telling where Samsung will set trade-in values, though it’s still a no-brainer for some looking to upgrade.

The improvements are there, but that still means an expensive device. On top of that, Google and OnePlus are becoming viable contenders. Depending on which form of Android you prefer, a foldable with OxygenOS or stock Android might sound even more appealing than Samsung’s extremely popular OneUI.

In any case, let us know your thoughts. We’re genuinely curious about how users are feeling about Samsung’s foldable prior to the official announcement. Things could change, and the Z Fold 5 or Flip 5 might be housing a bombshell improvement we know nothing about. If that isn’t the case, are you upgrading?

Reserve for $50 credit from Samsung