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Common iPhone Charging Problems and their Solutions

Are you confused about some of the querks of iPhone’s charging port? It can easily be fixed so read on, we’ll answer the most common problems.

Why is my iPhone is not charging?

Your iPhone may not be charging due to many factors. These can be fixed by replacing the damaged parts or by swapping out defective chargers.

  • Your lightning port may be contaminated with dirt and grime disabling good contact with the lightning header plates.

  • Your lightning cable and/or your power adapter may be defective.

  • In rare occasions, your charging port internals may be ruined.

  • On extreme cases, your iPhone’s battery or logic board that controls power flow may have burned out micro capacitors.

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Can you fix the charger port on a iPhone?

The short answer: yes. The long anwer: no. You can fix an iPhone charging port if you are a qualified Apple technician or just have an intensive knowledge on properly servicing iPhones. However, if this is not true to your situation, you can always find repair shops that offer such service.

Sydney CBD Repair Centre will replace your entire iPhone charging port assembly for extra peace of mind. They do this to ensure that from the port to the flex cables that run to the main logic board, your iPhone battery gets the best flow of electric current.

Why does it take so long to charge my iPhone?

Guess what, you are most likely to blame for slow charging iPhones. Yes, your iPhone may be getting older but it doesn’t mean that you can neglect it. Why does it take too long to recharge to 100%? Here’s some things you can check:

  • Are you using your iPhone while it is recharging? If yes, stop doing that. Turning off your iPhone while recharging also helps.

  • Are you downloading huge files while your iPhone is plugged to the wall? Don’t do it. It makes the smartphone use Wi-Fi and it makes the battery hot. A hot battery is not good when you are trying to refuel it.

  • Are you using original cables and power adapters? If not, then get the right one. Make sure it’s certified to work with Apple iPhones or just check the voltage and amperage: 5V with 1 or 2amps

How do you make your iPhone charge faster?

Believe us when we say that there are lots of ways to bump up this process faster. No need to modify your iPhone or download apps that do nothing but consume memory in your smartphone. You can try these simple steps right now for faster charging iPhones.

  • Use an iPad charger. This is a proven way to speed up recharging process on any iPhone. If you have an iPad then use that bigger 12V charger to get from 0 to 100 faster.

  • Use a faster power adapter. If you don’t have an iPad or an iPad charger that comes with it, then just find a faster charger that can juice up your iPhone with higher amperage or voltage. Aukey and Huntkey offers third party accessories that do the job just fine.

  • Turn off your iPhone while recharging. Or if this isn’t an option for someone like you, just put it in airplane mode.

  • Close apps that could use radio frequencies while your iPhone is tethered to the wall.

How do I clean the charger port on my iPhone?

You can use a toothpick made out of either plastic or wood. You can carefully stick it in and probe your iPhone charging port to pick out lints, dust or grime from your iPhone’s lightning port. Avoid using metal picks or even needles as it can scratch the aluminum around the port and even scratch the copper contacts inside.

You can try compressed air in a can if you want. Yes, air. No direct contact with any of the material. Just make sure to spray in an angle and not directly on the port as it may just push the dirt further down the charging hole.

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