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iPhone: Heating Issues Solved

Let’s know the most common reasons why your iPhone is overheating. It can boil down to the battery and charging port but there’s more to it than just that.

Why is my iPhone overheating fast?

Your iPhone can and will overheat at some point in its life. It’s normal operation as Apple would call it. In fact, all modern smartphones with very fast and efficient CPUs experience this. Your iPhone will heat up as soon as you turn it on but you rarely feel it because the unibody construction dissipates heat to the outside environment.

But overheating is a BIG problem.

You see, overheating can be a result of excessive load on the CPU and the battery. The more you use your iPhone, the more memory and power it would need. Example, when you play games or watching HD videos streamed from an online server, your CPU is working very hard to make the experience as smooth as possible.

But it would require huge power.

Your iPhone would use up more power than usual, draining your battery faster. It would also use more RAM and CPU clock speed to deliver more frames that you can see, allowing more electric current pass through the logic board.

Your iPhone has it’s limits.

Just like any other pieces of electronics, your iPhone has its breaking point. It would sustain this kind of load for a few hours but not any longer. It would slow itself down or overheat trying to perform at its peak.

That’s why your iPhone can and will overheat. It’s because of sustained and heavy workload.

What do you do when your iPhone overheated and won’t turn on?

As a result of overheating, your iPhone would throttle down to keep itself in check. This could be in the form of a slowing down in performance or total shut down of the device.

Your iPhone is just too smart.

As what you are told, your iPhone is a smartphone. It is smart enough to detect that it is reaching its maximum temperature limit. In worst case scenarios, it would shut down itself to prevent itself from melting. It would remain inoperable for a few minutes. This means you can’t turn it on right after it died.

It takes time for an iPhone to cool down.

Wait for a few minutes. Take your iPhone to a cooler room. Check if it has sufficiently cooled down by touching the back panel, try turning it on. If your iPhone remained off, try connecting a charger and wait if it recharges.

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