Galaxy Note 5 Europe release reportedly set for early next year

It has been a few months since the Galaxy Note 5 was launched in the United States and several other markets across the globe alongside the Galaxy S6 edge+, however the company made it clear from the very start that the Galaxy Note 5 won’t be released in Europe this year. Since then there have been many rumors and reports about when this phablet will arrive in the continent, a new report suggests that the Galaxy Note 5 Europe release has now been slated for early next year.

The new report claims that the Galaxy Note 5′s Europe release will kick off from the United Kingdom where the handset is likely to go on sale starting late January 2016. It will later will rolled out across other European countries, precise pricing and availability information will only be provided once the release has been confirmed. It merits mentioning here that Samsung had never said it wouldn’t release the Galaxy Note 5 in Europe at all, it just said that there were no plans to do so in 2015. However, we are aware that no firmware development is taking place now to hint at an impending launch in Europe, so take this report with a generous dose of salt.