Galaxy Note 9 Screen Replacement in Sydney – Fix It On the SPOT Today.

hello guys this is glenn from sydney cbd repair center and

today we have a galaxy note 9 from samsung with a broken display and back cover

let’s just turn this one off oops [Music] so we can turn the smartphone off through the display so because we can’t tap on the menu for the shutdown button so we’re gonna replace the screen now to enable the features that is lacking in this smartphone we’re just going to remove the back cover slowly [Music] and as you can see the components are intact and it’s just the back cover and the display that are cracked and needs to be replaced but this time we’re not going to replace the back cover since we can just reuse that one so as you can see the entire motherboard is one piece and there’s just a single battery in the middle and after removing the shrouds we’re gonna remove some of the components that are attached to the motherboard so that we can free up the motherboard and uninstall it from the device and the same with other samsung smartphones when you replace the screen you are also replacing the chassis or the main housing so we’re just going to remove all of the components from this old screen and chassis and then once we have this replacement display we’re just gonna install them back so here’s how we install the motherboard you should be very careful if you want to try this on your own if you want to diy your own note 9 screen replacement

this is how you install or handle the motherboard so we recommend you doing your own screen replacement for note 9 not so much because of the risk and of course the high value of the smartphone but if you want to practice on your own device then who can stop you right but if you want a professional help you can call your local repair shop or sydney cbd repair center we do this every day we can also replace the battery of your old node devices or your s devices from samsung we also do iphones and smart watches if your battery is more than two years old you should just replace them so now we’re on the final part of the of the reassembly we’re just gonna install the shrouds and of course the wireless charging pad and the screws on the motherboard shroud to put them all back together and before we send this off to the client we have rigorous testing and we’re just gonna show you right now this one is a success by the way [Music] so we’re going to test the cameras the sensors the buttons see if they are all working so this is the just like a diagnostic [Music] suite for samsung devices which is very handy to test if the replacement display is displaying accurate colors and responding to touch without delay so as bad as the back cover is we’re just gonna reinstall it we can just be practical about it but to prevent further damage or future damage to the front display we’re just gonna put a silicone cover this is just a freebie for the client it is also like an added protection but i still prefer the tempered glass but this one has a curved edge so tempered glass is not really recommended i also don’t like tempered glass on the s8s or the note 9s with curved glass like this this plastic material is pretty good and very ideal so we’re just going to show you how we how david installs this one so if you don’t know how to install your own cover screen cover that now you can see some techniques [Music] so if you have an iphone android or smartwatch that needs to be repaired you can contact us through facebook or our landline numbers or through our website or you can mail in your smartphones if you’re outside of sydney and you really want to have a screen replacement during lockdown you can also do that and once we’re done with the repair we can just send it back to you a lot of people are approaching us to perform rog phone repairs which is pretty good so same with the front glass we’re also installing a cover for the back glass to prevent it from being damaged further [Music] this is just a freebie for the client also so once you touch it it’s not really gonna hurt you or shorts of glass will fall off slowly from the cracked areas so this is good it turned out pretty well thanks for joining guys till next time cheers [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

5 Ways the Galaxy Note 9 is the Ultimate Phone for Gamers of All Interests.


Introduction: The Benefits of Samsung’s Note 9 Smartphone

The Note 9 is a high-end phablet with a stylus as its USP. The stylus as been used by Samsung to offer finer control for those who need it.

In the past, the S-Pen was mainly used for drawing and annotation on the screen, but now Samsung has added handwriting recognition capabilities.

Apart from the S-Pen, Samsung has also added an AI-enabled camera assistant in its latest phone. The camera assistant is able to detect what you are trying to capture and change settings accordingly based on the setting you want to use.

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Why Galaxy Note 9 is Perfect for Gamers

With the Note 9, users get a large, beautiful screen that is perfect for playing games. It has a new cooling system that makes it even more powerful and a lot of storage space. The S Pen stylus is also improved and it has a few new features. For example, you can use it to open apps and menu items on the phone.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Gaming Mode in Detail

The gaming experience on the Galaxy Note 9 is enhanced with the new Gaming Mode. This gaming mode optimizes the Galaxy Note 9’s performance for smoother graphics and faster response time. It also features a customized interface, timer, and recent apps list to help gamers stay focused on their game.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has many features that make it ideal for gamers, such as the larger screen size and up to 512GB of storage space for all their favorite games. The phone also has a new cooling system that provides optimal battery life while playing intensive games.

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Conclusion: The Samsung Galaxy Note is an Excellent Phone Option if You’re a Gamer

The Samsung Galaxy Note is an excellent phone option if you want a phone that can run your favorite games. Especially since this device has a large screen and a powerful processor, which may translate into a smoother gameplay experience.

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy Note is also an excellent choice if you’re looking for the best gaming apps. This device may have more apps available for you to download than your average smartphone.

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy Note is also an excellent choice if you’ve been wanting to try out VR gaming technology. The Samsung Gear VR headset was designed specifically for this device to make it easy to enjoy immersive gaming experiences from the comfort of home or wherever you are!


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