Gear VR has already sold out online

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Gear VR

It was only about two weeks ago that Samsung announced that pre-orders for the new Gear VR headsets were now open, interested customers could purchase the $99 virtual reality headset from Amazon and Best Buy aside from the company’s own website. It looks like the device is doing well for itself because it has already sold out online, both Amazon and Best Buy list the Gear VR as out of stock.

Best Buy listing for the Gear VR mentions that the device is “sold out online,” Amazon has plastered a similar “temporarily out of stock message” on its listing, adding that it will update customers when an estimated delivery date becomes known. Customers in the United States can still purchase one from Samsung’s website or even through T-Mobile later this week, it’s the only carrier in the country right now that’s going to sell the headset. A Samsung spokesperson has said that the company is “working hard to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible.”

Samsung Germany lists a delivery date of December 1, but given it has made anything official yet, we could be looking at tentative release dates that could change in the near future. In any case, consumers should be able to pick up the headset at least before the end of December. Of course, they will need a Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+ to be able to enter the world of virtual reality through the Gear VR; the Note 5 is supported as well, but that handset is not expected to be launched in the European region any time soon.