❤ How to Move the iPad Keyboard

Did you know the iPad keyboard can be moved around on the screen? Many iPad users may not be aware that the iPad onscreen keyboard can be relocated, either sliding it up or down on the display to whatever location works best for how they type and interact with the iPad keyboard.

And yes the iPad keyboard can be moved around as a whole unit, without splitting the keyboard, though you can move the split keyboard to a new location if desired as well.

How to Move the iPad Keyboard on Screen

Rearranging the location of the iPad keyboard is simple, here is how it works:

  • From the iPad, open an app where you’d type in a document, such as the “Notes” app
  • Open a new note and tap on the screen to bring up the iPad keyboard as usual
  • Now tap and hold on the little keyboard icon in the bottom right corner of the iPad keyboard

  • Choose “Undock” from the keyboard options list

  • Tap and drag on the keyboard icon to move the iPad keyboard up or down on the screen

You can put the screen keyboard just about anywhere – up or down – on the iPad screen this way, though for most users it’s impractical to put the keyboard too high up on the iPad screen since it may obstruct visibility of what is being typed.

Obviously this only applies to the on-screen iPad keyboard, as a physical keyboard would either need to be moved around on a desk or surface if it’s attached to the iPad in a case or Smart Keyboard, or if you’re using a detached external Bluetooth keyboard with iPad then you could just move that around as you wish maybe to create a simple standing desk for iPad or perform whatever other purpose you’d like.

If you have never long-pressed that keyboard button on the iPad keyboard, you may not have known you can also split the iPad keyboard which makes it easier to type with thumbs for many users, and in some other typing situations.

How do I dock the iPad keyboard and return to original screen location?

At any point you can relocate the keyboard to it’s original position by doing the following:

  • Open the “Notes” app or similar and summon the keyboard
  • Tap and hold the keyboard icon in the bottom right corner of the iPad keyboard, and choose “Dock”

Once you ‘dock’ the keyboard, it will return to the bottom of the screen as it is by default.

Why is my iPad keyboard in the wrong place on screen?

Some iPad users find that the iPad onscreen keyboard is located either too high or to a place they did not expect it to be. If you notice this, it’s probably because you undocked the iPad screen keyboard and moved it around, or someone else did.

Rarely, a bug in iOS may cause the iPad keyboard to appear in a location it’s not supposed to, but those type of issues are quite rare and usually only occur in a particular app that hasn’t patched such a bug yet.

Nonetheless, if you find the iPad keyboard is located somewhere strange, try the steps outlined further above to move the keyboard back to its original location.

You may be thinking… this is great for iPad keyboards, but what about the iPhone? Can I move the iPhone keyboard around on the screen too? Not quite, but you can use the one-handed keyboard on iPhone which may be just as useful for some users.