Note8 Teardown: Samsung Stays Safe, Streamlined


The Galaxy Note7 went out with a bang, but Samsung is back in the ballgame with its newest offering: the Note8. Samsung is differentiating itself in the fragmented Android market by doing some serious streamlining. Gone are the screen-destroying soft button cables we saw in the Note7 and the (by now, ancient) S7. Instead, the Note8 sports an S8-style display and back-panel fingerprint sensor. They’ve moved the furniture around, but now all of Samsung’s houses are using the same floor plan.




And what about that infamous battery? Samsung must be confident, because it’s still glued down—and this time it’s located right in the middle of the phone. This Samsung SDI-made Note8 battery dishes out 12.71 Wh (3300 mAh at 3.85 V). That’s 6% less than the Note7’s 13.48 Wh—but hey, better safe than engulfed in flames.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Teardown Highlights:

  • If we were impressed with the number of cameras last time, the new Note ups the ante with four cameras. (Do you think the other phones make fun of it at school?)
  • And speaking of cameras, our X-ray wizard friends at Creative Electron were able to confirm OIS. This magic image reveals a squad of dense, dark shapes—those’d be the magnets—surrounding both main cameras to keep them stable. Neat!
  • Like the previous model, the Note8 is no fun to open. The front screen and back glass are solidly adhered. Once inside, though, most of the components are fairly modular—earning the same 4 out of 10 on our repairability scale as the Note7 and the Note Fan Edition.

These are just our teardown highlights. Be sure to check the full Galaxy Note8 teardown on