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OnePlus: How to fix OnePlus 5 slowly recharging

We know that the OnePlus 5 dash charging tech is so good it’s somehow the selling point of all OnePlus flagships after OnePlus 5. But what if it fails? What will you do? Here’s how.

Temperature is too low for a recharge?

Try charging your phone with another adapter to see if the indication still arises.

If it still appears the indication, try doing a factory reset in Settings and following the steps: Settings – Back up & reset – back up my data and Factory data reset – erase internal storage – reset phone. Please back up all your important data firstly since all the data will be wiped during the process.

If all the solutions are excluded, it may be a motherboard problem, please contact with OnePlus service center or our after-sales service to ask for help.

Why is my battery not charging after 82%?

The charger and charging cable has something wrong. Please replace another charger and charging cable instead. You can buy a new one at a OnePlus 5 official store or a reputable online store.

Note: official charger and charging cable are highly recommended to charge for your phone.

Maybe the battery has not been activated. Discharge the battery and let the phone auto power off. Then full charge the battery. If the issue still persists, repeat this operation for twice.

If neither of the solutions resolves this matter, your phone battery or the mainboard may break down. You can contact our after-sales service to arrange a product return and factory repair, or go to the local repair store for professional assistance.

What if your OnePlus 5 can’t be fully charged?

Generally speaking, the process of battery charging usually experiences three stages: fast current charging, constant current charging and trickle current charging. When the phone battery reaches 80 percent of its capacity, it will step into the trickle charge stage. Trickle charge is the final step in the charging process, and the battery will be charged very slowly during this period. At this moment, the phone battery may be mistakenly tested as fully charged by some battery test software, so phone’s automatic battery charging protection will make your phone stop charging. If that’s the case, just try following steps below:

  • Make sure your phone battery is drained completely. (Wait for one or two minutes after first-time shutdown, and see if you can power the phone on again.)

  • Plug your handset into a charger, full charge your phone in power off state, then boot it.

If the above guide doesn’t solve this problem, your phone battery may come with defect, please contact our after-sales service or ask for professional assistance of repair store.


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