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OnePlus: How to reboot a frozen OnePlus 5

If you ever found your OnePlus 5 frozen and won’t able to respond to touches, you can force restart it. Read this article for full fix.

How to Reboot a Frozen OnePlus 5

Those paying attention during setup may have actually seen the tip for how to reboot a frozen OnePlus 5. It’s a pop-up tip during the initial setup of your phone. If not, here are the quick and easy steps to do it yourself. As a reminder, this will not erase any data or content on your phone.

“If your device is unresponsive, press and hold down the Power key for 10 seconds to restart it.”

After holding down the power button for roughly 10 seconds the phone will automatically turn off, power cycle, and reboot back to normal operation. It’s worth noting that this is the same process to reboot the phone regularly, where you select from “power off” or “reboot” options on the screen.

However, if it’s completely unresponsive you can’t select any of the on-screen options. If so, just keep holding down the power button for over 10 seconds, and it will do a hard reboot. This should resolve most minor problems.

For some, the device may boot into a maintenance or safe mode. If so, use the volume up/down keys to navigate up and down, and use the power button to select an option on the screen. Then, just reboot your phone.

That’s all you need to know about doing a hard reboot on your phone. Again, this doesn’t erase any information or data and simply forces the phone to restart. Perfect for those experiencing problems or an unresponsive screen. In closing, these same steps work for almost any and all OnePlus smartphones, so try it if you’re facing issues.


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