Packing the perfect eco-picnic

Dust off the rug, pack up some treats and round up your pals – it’s picnic season!  Finding a grassy knoll or sandy dune to enjoy a view and graze on a few treats is a great way to reconnect with loved ones and nature.

Here are our top tips on going green for your next picnic.

Cook, bake, brew

Slice up your carrot sticks, whip up those friands and concoct yourself some ale or cordial. You don’t need to be Nigella or Jamie to create little bites of finger food from scratch. And making your drinks means you know exactly what colourings and preservatives won’t be invited to the party. Another bonus – you’ll put less packaging and plastic bottles in the recycling bin or garbage.

Invest in a picnic set

Vintage, brand new or cobbled together with odd plates from a garage sale, a picnic set can save you money, hassle and be kind to the earth. Putting everything you need in one cute basket or carry case means you’re always prepared. You’ll also avoid that last-minute supermarket scurry for that final missing item.

Set your napery free

Forget paper towels and paper napkins. If your crockery and cutlery are reusable, why not your dining cloths? Bringing your own napery turns your casual soiree into something a little more eco-chic.

Pack some reusable containers and a spare carry bag

The containers will keep any leftovers fresh for the journey home. Use the bag to collect any rubbish to take home in case there isn’t a recycling bin around.

Compost what you can

If you’ve prepared too much and the leftover salad sat in the sun for a little too long, why not bring it home and compost it or pop it in your worm farm? You’ll reduce the waste and odour in your own bin.