Samsung Z2 shows up at Galaxy Note 7 launch in Africa

We have known for some time that the Samsung Z2 exists, but the third commercial Tizen handset hasn’t made it to market just yet. That is expected to change soon, what with a leaked video showing the Z2 in action and the Z3 just two months shy of being a year old, and it seems someone at Samsung decided to bring a retail unit of the Z2 along for the ride at the Galaxy Note 7′s launch in Africa.

The Samsung Z2 is set to be the first Tizen smartphone in Africa, and in terms of specifications, the Z2 unsurprisingly sits somewhere between the Z1 and the Z3. It has a 4-inch display and 1GB of RAM; by the looks of it the Z2 is one fat device, with a design similar to the previous two Tizen phones. The Z2 will also be launching in India, where it will come with Samsung’s My Money Transfer app for money transfer between different banks, as we had exclusively reported. The Z2 will also be the first Tizen device to support 4G connectivity.

The Z2 that was seen at the event seems to be the Indian version, as it was preloaded with local apps like Jabong, Indiatimes and OLX. Check out the device in the images below, and let us know what you think of Samsung’s newest Tizen handset.