❤ 7 unique ways to use AirTag (safely)



Apple’s AirTags are coin-shaped item trackers that integrate with the Find My network. We already know about many common ways to use the tracker – pets, luggage, wallets, purses, and more. There are a slew of use cases, though, that we had never even thought of. Have you considered using an AirTag for any of the purposes below?

Apple TV remote

It’s incredibly easy to lose remotes – especially for the Apple TV as the remote is so small! However, did you know there are cases for the remote that includes a spot for AirTag? Now, if you lose your Apple TV remote, you can use your iPhone to track it down.




Jewelry and heirlooms

Have any expensive jewelry lying around? AirTag can help you track it down if it gets lost or stolen. While it’s not something you’d want to include in your jewelry while wearing it, you can attach an AirTag with a keychain while the jewelry’s not in use. Or, if you have a case for the item, there’s a good chance the tracker will fit inside.


Now I love this one for all of you that frequently lose your readers. Nomad, the same company behind the Apple TV remote case, has an AirTag glasses strap that is also adjustable. The reviews are mostly positive. Users rave about how lightweight the strap is while in use. The strap can also be used for sunglasses, safety glasses, or most other types of glasses.

Golfing equipment

AirTag can fit easily into a golf bag or golf cart. Just keep in mind that it cannot track a golf cart while it’s on the go. There’s not yet an AirTag holder for individual golf clubs, but hey, maybe someone will make one?


A few years ago, 529 Garage completed a study on bicycle theft, finding that over 2 million are stolen every year in the United States. That’s the equivalent of a bike being stolen every 30 seconds. One way you can track your bike down if it is stolen is with AirTag. Muc-Off has created a discreet AirTag holder that fits inside your rear tubeless tire along with the company’s Tubeless Valves.






Tools are expensive and something you don’t want to buy twice. Especially for those of you who need your tools for work and share with others. Easily place the AirTag in your tool box, or, depending on the tool, add a mount or a keychain to track.


AirTag is great for parties when it’s easy to lose your coat or forget you brought one. I can’t tell you how many times I misplaced a jacket as a child – an AirTag would’ve came in handy, especially for those jackets with never ending pockets as there’s plenty of room for a small AirTag.