LG highlights V30 UX features in a video

When LG unveiled its new high-end smartphone, the V30, at the IFA last week, there was a bit of excitement about the new (or newish) things that this new device can bring to potential users’ digital life. From taking advantage of the AMOLED display to a whole bunch of photo and video features to audio and app tools, the video shows off what new user experience (UX) related things you will enjoy. And while the secondary screen is no more, there is a new feature that replaces part of it.


The always-on display works pretty well with the AMOLED display of the V30, and here you get 9 different types of screens to choose from, image widgets, and a seamless flow between the various home screens. The floating bar is the phone’s “always accessible custom tools” which includes capture and draw tools (with GIFs!), app shortcuts, a music player, contacts, as well as call handling. The quad DAC has software presets and filters, while Google Assistant helps you get answers to your questions and help in managing your digital life. You can also use voice recognition to unlock your phone with your own secret, magic words/phrase.


A lot of the UX features highlighted pertains to the camera. For video, you have the point zoom feature which lets you zoom into certain parts of the screen that you marked for dramatic effect. You also have Cine Effect or more popularly known as filters, with the HDR sensor giving it a better-looking quality. In case you need to edit your videos, no need for a 3rd party app as it has a built-in video editing feature. For photos, you have graphs or user made manual camera presets in case you have a hard time tinkering with all the tools available.


The LG V30 will be amiable in South Korea by September 21 and will expand to North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. There are no price details announced yet but we’ll probably hear about it soon.